Those Aren’t Pillows! – Planes, Trains & Automobiles (10/10) Movie CLIP (1987) HD

ť I’m back
in baby’s arms Ť ť How I miss
those lovin’ arms Ť ť I am back
where I belong Ť ť Back in baby’s arms Ť ť Don’t know
why we quarreled Ť ť We never did before Ť ť Since we found out
how it hurts… Ť Del. Hmm? Yeah. Why did you kiss my ear? Why are you holding my hand? Where’s your other hand? Between two pillows. Those aren’t pillows! Aah! Oh, no! Ooh! Oh! Oh! Oh! See that Bears’ game
last week? Hell of a game. They’re going all the way. Ohh, yeow. Neal, take my socks
out of the sink if you’re going
to brush your teeth.