This Toyota Tacoma Has a Serious Problem

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you how to fix your car when your airbag lights come on, now airbags can
certainly save your life if you get in a wreck, but if the system isn’t working
right it’s not gonna save you and if that airbag light is on there’s
something wrong with the system, now they’re pretty complicated systems, they
have sensors in various places, so if you get in a collision it tells the computer,
the computer looks at various data and then it fires the airbag to keep you
from whacking into things, and since modern cars have various airbag not just
the one on the steering column, some of them will have six or eight different
airbags, it’s a complex system when the light comes on you have to scan it, now
sometimes you can get lucky and use the more basic scan tool on the airbag
system, a really cheap one won’t work this is like a hundred and sixty dollar
one, and it will scan most of the airbag codes on this Toyota so we’re gonna plug
it in, it just plugs in under the dash here, and now it’s reading the codes it might
take a minute or two, so since our airbag light was on it should have an
airbag code in here, as long as you’ve left the car alone and haven’t
disconnected the battery or reset the codes with another scan tool, the code
should stay in memory and the computer will sit it back out, there we go B 1610
front airbag sensor right hand malfunction, now unfortunately that’s where
the fun begins, it’s saying that’s a problem in the right front sensor that
measures impacts, but it could be in the sensor, it could be in a circuit, it could
be computer it could be in the wiring in order to check that out you need
a really fancy scan tool like mine that can do bi-directional testing, and an
information system, check all the wiring diagram, it can get really really
complicated, not every cool cat can figure that out, and anyways airbags don’t
work for cats they’re too small, unless of course you have a tiger in your car
instead of a tiger in your tank, but let’s say you want to try to fix your
own car, it does have the code for the right front airbag sensor, I’ve been a
mechanic for a long time 51 years and I know in these Toyotas
it’s often these sensors that go bad and trip that code, so if you ever get this
code, that’s a decent guess to replace the right-front sensor for the airbag
system, but of course then you got to figure out where is the right front
sensor, and first of all what is the right front, now I personally think they
should say drivers and passenger side, it makes more sense, but when they say right
from what they mean is, the vehicle is faced this way, you’re sitting in a
driver’s seat the right front is your right hand side, so the right front where
the left front would be the driver side front on the left side, so anytime they
say right or left of the car they mean in position of the driver sitting in the
seat, and not standing in front of the car, then it would be backwards, now when
you have to find the sensor itself now you know it’s on this side, it’s on the
right side sitting in the driver’s seat you can of course look it up online, you
can google it, but in this case the only place that sells the sensor is the
dealer, so when you go to the dealer they can show you on their little computer
screen the location of the right front sensor, you’re buying it from them they
can show you that, in this case it’s behind the grill, and if we look down
there it is with the number one on it as you can see on my replacements
it’s got that number one too, it’s a simple bolt off, bolt on procedure, since your
bags work by electricity and explosions we don’t want to the airbags popping off
so first we’re gonna take off the negative battery terminal, as the saying
goes better safe than sorry now my repair manual says to remove the
front grille, but don’t always believe everything you read, in this case if you
have a long extension you can get from the top without taking all that crap
apart, cuz when you look down there there’s just one bolt on one side and
one bolt on the other which you can get off with a really long extension and a ten
millimeter socket, easy enough to do there’s one and there’s two,
then we unclip it and replace it, now realize the clip itself is almost
impossible to get off, the trick is you have to pull up through the hole a
little then flip it upside down, because the
clip is on the bottom side then the yellow part, you have to stick a little
pry, the tang is in and it pops right out, it’s impossible to film too but that’s how
it’s done, here it is pulled off and if you can look right down here there’s the
Tang and see where I have my little pry bar, you pry under that Tang once you
flip it upside down, and once your pry on that Tang there, that releases the clip
on the bottom and it comes right off, God knows why they made it that way,
they could have put the tag on the top right, but no they had to put the Tang on
the bottom so you got to take the bolts off, flip the censor upside down at least
is enough room for that, hit the bottom clip with that little pick and then it
pops right off, now likewise putting it back in, I can’t see anything I can’t film
it you can’t even see it you really have to feel it, you just want to make sure
that you have the Tang on the bottom and the connector Tang on the bottom, so that
when you push it together blindly you’ll hear it click, so basically you’re
blindly wiggling sticking your hand in the hole, you gotta get it until it
clicks in, this is the hard part god knows why they make these things
like this, and you put the two bolts back on make it nice and snug,
make sure their snug, don’t forget to put the battery terminal back on get that
nice and snug and don’t forget to reset the airbag codes, erase codes, yes
erase codes now as you can see the codes are gone, if you
don’t erase them odds are they’ll stay and you think you didn’t fix anything,
here we’ll check ABS codes, now it’s checking the ABS codes and it says there’s no
code so it erased it, and then of course pray like mad that it doesn’t come
back, because if it wasn’t that sensor it’s the computer or the wiring and
that’s stuff that’s gonna take a really good mechanic to figure out, but on these
Toyota’s normally it’s just the sensors go bad things, hit them and
they’re in the front of the car eventually they break, so the next time
your airbag lights come on, why not attempt to fix it yourself,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!