This might be the most Important Civic EVER. Here’s why.

– This car right beside
me is the peak tuner car of the early 2000s. Now you might look at it now and think, “Ew, that’s gross.” But, back in the day, this car embodied what it meant to be a tuner. (upbeat music) I’m gonna show you why this car stands out as the most important
Tuner car of the 2000s, how it came to be in the first place, and how it influenced an
entire generation of gearheads. I bet some of you watching
right now are those people. We’re goin’ bumper to bumper on the Civic to rule all other Civics, the Super Street Civic SI. (upbeat rock music) Thanks to Ridge for
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you ever buy, catch. (upbeat synth music) Now the first thing I want to talk about is this right here, Super Street. Now, if you don’t know
what Super Street is, it’s a magazine publication, and if your car was featured on the cover of Super Street Magazine, Mmm, people knew you meant business and you had the tastiest of cars. It’s kinda similar to how,
if your car’s featured on Bumper 2 Bumper,
you’re crushing it, too. Now, the reason this car has Super Street on the window, is not
because it was featured on the magazine. It’s because Super
Street actually built it. So why don’t we pop open that hood and see what’s going
on in that engine bay? (gong) Get in there. Just doesn’t wanna go in
that carbon fiber piece. That’s how you open a hood
the fast way. (laughing) (upbeat music) So we have a lot of period correct goodies under this hood. You have upgraded fuel rail, you got an upgraded ignition. All this piping right here, there’s a little turbo under there, a little HKS turbo power,
with an inner cooler. It’s even got the classic,
kind of honeycomb, kind of mushroom-top air cleaner. You have all the matching red hoses that match the color of the car, even the hose to connect the reservoir for the radiator fluid is colored. You know they went
through and tried to make as many colored hose pieces
as you possible could. That was a big thing
to do back in the day. But the one that is has that’s probably the most tunerish thing
you could ever have inside an engine bay,
nitrous frickin oxide. This is a wet nitrous oxide system, so if you come over
here and see this little port right here that
shoots a mixture of gas and nitrous right into your intake for a little bit of caboom power. (upbeat music) Now this engine is extremely modified but let’s go to the inside of the car and see what fine little
tasty touches are in there. Yum, yum, yum (laughs). Okay, now the first thing
when you get in this car it’s super tight. I’m like a 30, two, 33 inch waist, I think and that’s about as wide as you can be if you wanna sit in these seats. But they really like, you
know, they really lock you in. They’re ridiculously colored though, red and yellow back in the day. It’s got a really cool seat belt, called a racing belt. So much dust that came off that thing. Oh, I’m going the wrong
way, freaking idiot. There we go. Okay, all right, that’s how
you quickly put on a seat belt. (laughs) There’s a couple of things that are very racy about this car. One is the huge tach with shift light. You’ve also got a boost gauge. It’s got the red trim
along the armrest here but maybe the biggest elephant in the room is this big frickin
bottle of nitrous oxide. It’s right in the middle of the car. It’s a center piece of this car. Now this car also doesn’t have back seats. Those have been taken out. They’ve been replaced with
a pretty trick sound system. Oh, also, I forgot to do this. And how do you control
this pop out screen? Oh, well only the coolest way that you used to be
able to control a screen and that’s with freakin joystick remotes. If you had a remote that you controlled your sound system, a DVD player
with in your car, ah, gosh. You just leave some for
the rest of us, come on. And you know what’s even cooler? This one is voice activated. Voice activated 20 years ago. Oh, hey Civic, play “Bumper to Bumper.” Goodbye. So this car was in the
Honda storage facility for so long that people forgot about it. They even let the frickin windows down when they stored it so
it got all sorts of dust and all sorts of stuff that, you know, when you’re in a warehouse
that is just kinda stagnant that just kinda sits on top of the car, and it got into the carpet and the seats and you can still kinda smell
the reminance of all that. (upbeat music) When they were trying
to go make some space to put other cars someone had the idea of well, this is a pre-production car, we’re not gonna use it,
no one’s gonna use it, how about we just get rid of it. And the way they get rid of
cars is by crushing them. Luckily, there was a guy by
the name of Bruce Garfield and he knew the important
history of this car and knew it wasn’t a pre-production car. It had the title. So this car was on its way to the crusher, mere minutes away from
getting smashed into one cube of read and yellow metal, and Bruce found the title and
showed them that it wasn’t a pre-production car, that
it had a lot of significance. So thanks Bruce for saving this car. Good job, buddy. (upbeat music) So because this car was put away and pretty much abandoned
up until recently a lot of its history has been lost. And we don’t even know if it’ll start, so we’re gonna give it an old collage try, see it this thing will crank up. Moment of truth. (engine cranking) Dear Civic tuning gods of the 2000s, please we ask the that
you’ll inject some sweet, yummy ethanol free gasoline
that’s been sitting in the lines for the last 20 years into the fuel rail, into the cylinder and then
let those sweet spark plugs will spark up the air/fuel mixture and it’ll, this thing
will pop out some sweet CO2 emissions right into
this enclosed space. (engine cranking) They weren’t listening to me. (upbeat music) So obviously, the car
is indistinguishable. When you look at it you,
you might have even thought, “hey, I’ve seen that car before.” And that’s probably because
you have seen this car. It’s been featured in a lot of video games but it was also made into a Hot Wheel, like this one as you see here. (upbeat music) Not only did Hot Wheels turn this car into a model that you could buy, it was the number one selling car. Remember this was before
they were making a lot of Japanese import cars
for you to buy models of. It was mainly boomer cars
like Chevelles and Camaros and stuff like that, which are sweet, don’t get me wrong, I
like those boomer cars, but the reason this was
the number one selling Hot Wheel was because it was the first true Japanese car to be made
into a one 18th scale model. Now this one’s pretty cool. It literally has all
of the exact features. It’s got the carbon fiber hood. The sun kinda warped the windows. It sat out in the sun too long. But it’s got the Super Street decal. It’s got the Momo seats, the same wheels, the same exact decals on the side. It’s got the amps in the back. It’s got the roll cage. It’s got the nous bottle. It’s even got the little tach
and shift light, as well. It’s in the front
driver’s seat of the car. I mean, that’s crazy. They also made a one 64th
scale, the little mini guys, which are just as fun. Max, the director of this
show, actually bought one. It’s right here. Now looking at this car in 2020, it’s kinda looks like
a joke, maybe to you. But in all honestly, this
car is super important. This car introduced a whole new generation of gearheads into the
Japanese tuner scene. If this car wasn’t made,
we may not even be here at donut, so we wanna say
thank you to this car. Thank you, Bruce for saving it. We wanna thank the Honda Collection Hall here in Southern California. This car’s in the museum here. They let us come her and film today, so thank you so, so much. Please follow us on Instagram @donutmedia. Follow me @jeremiahburton. Hit the like, hit the
subscribe, hit the notification. Did this car influence you? Did you play video games? Did you have a Hot Wheels? Leave a little note down
in the description below. Bye for now.