This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert

– [Man] Imagine you’re
driving through the hot, Moroccan desert. Your car breaks down (metal crunches) and the nearest village is 20 miles away. Would you panic? Would you give up? Or would you convert
your car into a motorbike in a lengthy process that
might get you killed? Meet Emile Leray, the mechanical
magician who did just that. Close to a small town in
France, there is a man that loves cars. – Bonjour. – [Man] Specifically,
the French Citroën 2CV. Like those. (“Can-Can Music” by Offenbach) (tires screech) (whimsical music) And he’s got this
funny-looking motorbike with an extraordinary story behind it. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Obviously, like any
other stranded desert traveler, Emile decided to turn the
still-working parts of that car into this motorbike. First, he removed the car’s frame. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Then, he shortened
it to make a better chassis, fixed the axles, and put
the wheels on the bike. Simple, right? – No. – [Man] Oh, yeah, he also
added suspension, and, well, an engine, an ignition,
and a comfortable seat. After 12 days and 11 nights
in the desert, he was ready to go back to civilization. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Finally, to his
delight, he came upon the police who greeted him with a hefty fine. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Back in France, the
motorcycle ended up alongside Emile’s other Citroën creations. Like this boat, this rugby ball, a table saw, and even
glasses made out of rubber from the seat. This guy really loves his Citroëns. Makes you wonder what’s next. – (speaking foreign language) (big band music)