This Changes Everything

rev up your engines here we go
3d printing has reached new insane heights for a real fancy McLaren they
now have 3d printed wheels that way a little bit less so you can accelerate
faster the less mass in the wheel the less resistant so faster you’re gonna
accelerate now it doesn’t it affect the top-end speed it’s still gonna go the
same top-end it’s just gonna get there fast but they come out with is they have
these carbon-fiber barrels for the wheel and then titanium spokes that are
printed with a 3d machine now this isn’t your normal 3d printer that’s
using plastic resin you’re not gonna be printing these in your house this is
done on a very fancy machine that’s using titanium to print the spokes so you
try making one at home out of that plastic resin and put it on something
that’s got 800 horsepower they break off as soon as it started to accelerate it’s
called direct metal laser melting where the lasers melt the stuff and then they
print them up I mean we’re talking about really complex actual space-age stuff
here so don’t think any time soon you’re gonna be able to get printed titanium
wheels for your Corvette or something it’s gonna be a long time before the
public actually gets us if ever it’s probably so ineffective that no one’s
gonna do it anything but you know they made one from McLaren and one of those
super expensive race cars that’s kinda interesting that they can now print
titanium wheels who knows what they’re gonna come up with next but like I said
at what cost orange Arthur says Scotty I found a
2006 Subaru WRX four-cylinder turbo and an auction with 130 3,000 miles and it
means new front clip forget it one never buy an auction car if you’re gonna drive
it yourself there’s an option because there’s something wrong with them that
thing’s been smashed up on top of it it’s a turbo boxer engine the engine
might be on its way out too don’t ever buy a car at auction that’s bashing it
the only guys that should buy auction cars are pros I got friends that are
pros they go to an auction and they got maybe eight grand
they might buy four or five cars for eight grand and then they turn them
selling of them for five grand even if they get a lemon
they’re still coming out ahead and since they’re pros they almost always have a
little contract going with the auctions that say well the mechanic says that is
this needs more repairs than what you paid we’ll give you credit you give us
the car back and that will give you credit at the auction now they don’t get
their money back but they get credit and then they go buy another one so it’s a
business and they can make money doing it but there’s too much gambling
involved in you buying one especially one that’s got rack work and it’s a
Subaru turbo with that kind of mileage stay away from options especially
Subarus that have been in auctions, joe bob 71 says 07
Ford Edge automatic transmission put it in reverse it doesn’t do anything I put
it in partner back and reverse it works your transmission is starting to go out
and generally when it does that it means that the oil pump is starting to go out
automatic transmissions lose most of the ones I’ve ever worked on like the engines
they got oil pumps on them the engine oil pump pumps oil to the engine to
lubricated the automatic transmission oil pump pumps the fluid to build up
pressure cuz it shifts by fluid pressure dynamics so it’s got to have
pressure buildup so it works and from my experience with those things when the
pump starts to go that’s exactly what happens you put it in reverse it won’t
work put it back into Park warm it up a little and put it back into reverse it
starts to work yep you’re lucky it can be somewhat clogged you can change the
filter change the fluid pray that fixes if it does great with somewhat clogged
up if it doesn’t change it at all that means that it’s just starting to go out
13-year old Ford Edge do you really want to put you know three to five in or
doing a transmission over but hey change the filter fluid you never know
sometimes I’ve done that may go back to normal for quite some time
cars 90s says do you think a lexus can go up to 300,000 miles think I know
I got customers with 500,000 miles on them here’s the thing those are highly
engineered luxury vehicles and they can go pretty fast so if you don’t drive
uber fast all the time they can basically last forever if you change the
oil regular you get something that can go 140 miles an hour let’s say you
barely drive 70 it’s gone you know lots to half speed so of course is gonna
that’s a long time it’s like guys with motorcycles is it well can this
motorcycle ask me and I explained to him okay you got a motorcycle and that can go 180 miles an hour let’s say the fastest you ever go is maybe 80
miles an hour that thing was so over designed to go 180 miles an hour if
you’re driving around 50 60 all the time if you don’t smash it up it can
basically last forever because it’s designed to go super fast and if you
don’t go super fast it can really last a long time it was like sisters yes change
they all regularly maintain them they can last a really long time because
they’re designed so well almost all of them are made in Japan where they’re
still making the best vehicles even the Japanese the ones they’re making the
United States they’ve had problems with some of the stuff that they’ve done
there and had to have recalls on engines and things but the ones that they make
in Japan they’re better made and most of lexuses are still made in Japan, gerome b16 says Scotty I need help people tell me I need mental help cuz I
bought a used Infiniti wtih a blown engine I payed around 4 grand for it you are crazy you know we’re running it’s not even
worth 4 grand with 140,000 miles on it I tell people
infinities are endless money pits as they age with high mileage and of course
their quality has been going downhill since infinities are just fancy Nissan’s
Renaults owns them and the quality’s been going downhill for a couple of
decades now that is not a vehicle that you buy you just don’t buy those things
used I mean if somebody handed one free and it ran but I mean that they had a
blown engine you shouldn’t even have bought it in the first place I wouldn’t
even take a car like that personally if someone handed it to me with the blown
engine says no I don’t want it I just have to have it towed to a junkyard I
don’t want to mess around with it’s not worth the bother always use your head
when it comes to a vehicle don’t use your emotions don’t do something like oh
look it’s a beautiful Jaguar it just needs a little few repairs no probably
needs all kinds of expensive repairs don’t buy a car like that but hey at
least it’s a lesson learned but do make it a lesson learned don’t ever do it
again I spent says my 2000 Ford Mustang 3.8
when the cars parked and I started it smells like gas on the outside of the
rear two things you can check one soon as you started quit go
back to the tailpipe or have somebody I’ll start it and stand by the tailpipe
and smell it there it’s the smells coming out of the
tailpipe that means your cars running rich and you got a problem like a
leaking fuel injector for some reason the cars flooding out now when you start
it up there’s too much gas in the engine and it’s gonna burn out but the other
thing is let’s say it’s not the tailpipe itself it’s just the whole general back
area cars have evap systems and instead of
the gasoline vapors like when I was a young mechanic were just vented to the
cap to the atmosphere that’s seen as pollution these days it goes through the
system the evap system and goes through the charcoal canister which is supposed
to filter out the gasoline and fresh air comes out you know it smell it if that
charcoal canister is bad or the EVAP canister vent valve is stuck open
you’ll also smell the gas so you want to check that too air 626 says scotty I got a chrysler 300m and it won’t start I don’t know what’s wrong
with it there’s a new battery when a car doesn’t start watch my video fixing a
car the cranks but doesn’t start up you can see absolutely everything to test
the basics are you want to see first does it have fuel and does it have spark
so the easiest thing to do is you go to any auto parts store for like two
dollars by can of starting fluid take the air filter cover off have someone
crank the engine while your spray starting fluid in the law if it starts
and dies odds are you got a bad fuel pump and you can have that tested if
you’ll bump bad if don’t start when you’re starting fluid in then what you
want to do is just take out one of the spark plug wires and put a spark plug on
it ground it against the engine have somebody crank it and see if it’s sparking if
it’s not sparking then you’ve lost your ignition system and common things for
that or a bad crankshaft position sensor or a bad ignition coil you gotta figure
out why it’s not starting like I said watch my video fixing the
kind of cranks what doesn’t start up if you try all those things and they’re all
actually working then you probably have the worst thing on earth which would be
like a blown head gasket something’s blown inside the engine and the engine
will never start again and unless it’s fixed but normally it’s one of the tests
that’s in that video so check that out first,
crazy outlaw says is a 2008 Toyota Solara convertible with 55,000 miles and
one owner as good as the Camrys oh yeah there were great vehicles you know
they’re pretty much the same engine the v6 Camry engine
transmission, brakes, they were just a sedan they failed because people were going
either four-door now SUVs and then they stopped making them 2008 was the
last year that they made to Toyota Solaras if you like it you know they’re
great vehicles now some people think that they’re really ugly with the top
down because of their design that they just think they’re ugly now if you like
the look of it hey go ahead and buy one you find one with 55,000 miles it’s got
tons of life I just worked on one yesterday and it had 260 thousand miles
and it still ran like a clock that can last a long time just got him a
marketing failure with Toyota they were great cars didn’t have any particular
problems really, smart says Scotty is there a car cam or something like I can use
without the need to hardwire to my car so if my car’s hit it’ll take a picture
of it oh yeah there’s zillions I’m go to ebay go to Amazon start googling it
you’ll see there are tons of them out there how they were car you want to get
one that has the built in G sensor and what happens is if somebody hits the car
it bumps the G sensor turns the camera on it films the whole thing just look up
and find them I’ve seen them from fifty to ninety five dollars look at the
reviews pick the ones with the best reviews but yes they are and you can
just plug them into the cigarette lighter you don’t want Hardware
something you just plug it on cigarette lighter lithium-ion batteries to hold
the charge for a reasonable amount of time so as long as you drive the car a
lot it’ll still have enough battery power to take a picture if somebody hits
it while they’re going out if you’re gonna do that my advice is get the dual
cameras that have front back because you know you’re gonna get in the front of
the back the cameras point in front and it films that they’re in the back it’s
no good so get the dual camera set up for that,
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