They will Never Buy KIA CAR Again | Engine Change in Just 20 Days of New Seltos GTX+ India

Hello Brothers, I am Arun Panwar I booked kia seltos gtx+ 6MT Petrol on july 23rd from Prayagraj (ALLAHABAD) I also told them the date of delivery that was 25th October (generally gtx version of car has 3 months waiting ) and thanks to KIA it was delivered on time and it was first Black gtx+ of ALLAHABAD. Everything was good and car had no problem 100km done, 300km done Since I had my exams and dad do not use the car much on 25th day mark car has successfully managed to touch a whopping 550km mark now on 25th day that is 20th November or nearest sunday ,dont remember the date exactly, They went hardly 4-5 kilometers and by the time they were returning the engine would start but only for a minute and it was like the engine choked he fuel has ended but the fuel tank was more than half so after trying multiple times to start engine Now again thanks to Kia’s responsible service men they towed away the car in 45 mins to service station and after 10 days from then then that is December 1 KIA unprofessional technical staff could not deduce the real problem Finally they were saying that the fuel sample in the car failed and they blamed that the fuel was adulterated Now again thanks a lot to KIA for they ordered an all new engine for my car and import it from south korea but which car engine was opened in just 25 days how can I trust a company for 10 years And I filed a law case against the company and they have mere 4 days left to whether provide a new car or they will fight the case in which case I am liable of defamation of company to any extent. They will Never Buy Kia Car Again | Engine Change in Just 20 Days of New Seltos India Kia seltos breakdown just after 25 days of purchase Request to Kia Motors India Thanks for watching Plz subscribe