(thumping) – BC Racing is like the XXR
of the suspension community, because if you go out onto any forum, it’s an absolute war zone. By the time I got done
writing this script, I feel like I had a
deeper receding hairline for the amount of stress I had to go through to get this information. So Bor-Chuann Enterprises was
founded in Nantou in 1999. Now, this is where it gets very confusing just right out of the gate, because BC Racing has
different subsidiaries and different divisions depending on the region that you’re in. Don’t be confused because
there’s another BC Racing out there, but BC does
not stand for Bob Conlan, it stands for, whatever I just
said, I don’t even remember, Bob Chuann, Bor-Chuann. Originally Bor-Chuann just was founded on making shock absorbers and auto parts, because in Taiwan they needed to have some sort of in to get into
the automotive community because in 1999 and just the late ’90s, the automotive industry was booming. You had a lot of parts
that people needed to make, and Taiwan was coming into
the international market in terms of a part supplier
at a relatively low cost. So, BC was founded to
essentially fill that gap. It wasn’t until the later years after BC had started to get a little
bit of money underneath them, that they really started to dive into more sophisticated
suspension components. BC kept making money until they had enough in their wallet to eventually
make their own product. And in 2003 they did just that, they introduced the BC Coilover kit, which was at the time a pretty revolutionary way to buy a coilover kit at a relatively low cost. And because they were made in Taiwan, because they were made overseas, you didn’t have to worry
about that high profit or cost that you really would get at any sort of local-made,
mom-and-pop shop. On top of that, a year
later they eventually came over to the United States of America, and that’s where BC really
started to take off, because you never want to underestimate an American’s ability
to search for a product at the lowest price possible
because we’re all cheap (beep). Don’t be fooled, just because something was cost-effective doesn’t
mean that is was bad. BC hit the market and
they took off running. (“Take On Me” by a-ha) And even in the early 2003s, 2004s, there was a lot of competition
in the suspension community, but because BC hit the
market at where they did, they took off and nobody
really knew how or why. So, the company just
continued to get bigger and when they ended up just
going from shock absorbers to automotive parts,
they started to get more and more involved in just
aftermarket suspension components and coilover kits as a whole. And just the trap in Indiana Jones, the rock just kept
rolling faster and bigger and it just couldn’t be stopped. BC continued to just acquire
other companies overseas like warehousing and shipping
and exporting companies so that they continued to make products that they could ship overseas
and make a killing on. Now, by 2008-ish there were
about 50 million new dollar Taiwan, Thailand, New
Thailand dollar, what is it? In 2008 they acquired up to 50
million in New Taiwan dollar. Sounds like a lot, right? It’s $1.8 million. Not so surprising now, is it? BC had a lot of
accreditation, accreditation, there’s way too many
Cs and Ds in that word. BC racing was accredited
with a lot of awards leading up to 2008 and
to the current year, they were held to the Golden Peak’s award, they were held to a whole bunch of best companies in Taiwan award. Just all sorts of stuff
were happening for BC Racing because they’re making good products and the company itself was well, not bad. They were a good company to work for, they held their employees very well, and the just did what they had to do to continue making as
much money as possible without being an (beep). In fact, they were doing
so good that in 2010 they just decided, why
don’t we make wheels too? Damn, they had enough money to just start their own forged wheel company. I wish I was that cool. In 2010 they launched BC Forged, which was a company that
specialized in two-piece wheels and now, to this day, three-piece wheels. You would be shocked at how
long it took for me to realize that BC Forged and BC Coilovers
were the same company. I’m not, I honestly wasn’t
even making that up, I actually found that out this morning. And this is where BC
Racing’s name really starts to get difficult, because
just like any other entry-level or affordable option, the company is held to a lot
of criticism and speculation. BC Racing makes a lot of components for a lot of different
vehicles, whether you’re looking at the BR series, or an older variant, or you’re looking for
something for your M3. Because the price was so
affordable and just cost-efficient, people just were really kind of, well, (dramatic music) scared. People that have ran ’em, loved ’em, people that have never ran ’em, hate them. People that ran them and then upgraded to something different
were like, meh, whatever. We believe that a lot of the speculation and criticism becomes from
the fact that BC Racing does private label their
suspension components, meaning that they sell to other companies that will relabel BC’s work and make it their own label. Now, because of how the whole private label company works, you can be held to a
little bit of criticism because you just never
know what other products are associated with BC Racing, so we don’t know if it’s Megan, or if we don’t know if it’s
Tane, we don’t know who it is. But at the same time, if
you’re gonna private label to make a little extra cash, you gotta expect there’s
gonna be some people a little curious as to what
other companies are running that same exact coil or spring, especially if you’re
looking at a price point that BC Racing is at. But for what BC makes, they
are not a bad coilover, they make affordable
coilovers for whatcha need, they have customizable spring
rakes with Swift Springs, you can with different
things, different that, customize this, customize that, BC Racing does a good job. And there’s a reason that BC is probably one of the most popular
coilovers to date right now when it comes to building, well, probably your first or second car. And that’s not to say that
they don’t have higher-end applications as well,
’cause they do, in fact, they don’t actually add any sort of Brotex onto their higher end coilovers
like an M3 or an M4 product, like pretty much everybody else does. BC Racing has some history,
but they’re not that old, they’re really only about 20 years old, and a lot of their history
stems from overseas. And because they haven’t really hit that age of having heritage just yet, you’re not gonna see a lot
of information out there. The cool thing is is that
their North American division is extremely active and vocal
in the automotive community. You see them on forums, on Facebook, you see them all over the place, just integrating and talking to people because that’s what they know and do. Their overseas stuff is
pretty quiet but to have a 40,000 square foot facility
here in North America, it seems like they’re more of the voice than the original BC Racing is. I totally didn’t just move this over here. So, the winner of this week’s video is Matthew Grosser for subscribing. Thank you so much for doing
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