The Power of The Stinger!

What does this… This? That? And this! These? Yep, that too! (On-screen text) What do they all have in common? The Stinger. The Stinger. The Stinger. Yep, the Stinger! (On-screen text) The Stinger replaces conventional ignitions on most non-automotive vehicles and machines. (On-screen text) Transportation Solutions of Augusta. Evans, Georgia. (On-screen text) Stinger-New project underway with @teamxiq. ECar Group. San Fernando, California. (On-screen text) RD Golf Carts. Palm City, Florida. (On-screen text) Excessive Carts. Prosper, Texas. (On-screen text) Power Equipment Solutions. Vandalia, Ohio. (On-screen text) Theft is a problem because these vehicles use the same keys. Music Playing (On-screen text) This patented smart device introduces safety, security and efficiency for various fleets. Light vehicles, ATVs, utility vehicles, construction vehicles, watercraft, and more! (On-screen text) Innovative Stinger technology has the versatility to scale in several markets. Transportation, security, construction, rental, entertainment, and more! (On-screen text) The Stinger supports fleet tracking and analytics… (On-screen text) With our efficient IoT platform for fleet and consumer use. (On-screen text) The Stinger is here.