The Incredible $10,000 Plane Car

MARK: People look in their rear view mirror and they see an aeroplane and they start panicking. COMM: The plane car is the brainchild of 56-year-old Atlanta resident Mark Ray, who has previously
built a roadworthy boat car. MARK: My seventeen-year-old daughter Brianna encouraged me to build something else because
she said that I was kind of getting bored with the boat car, which is still a very unusual vehicle, but I came up with the idea of building a plane car. COMM: The vehicle was constructed from a Chevrolet Tracker and a 2003 Cirrus SR22. MARK: The Cirrus was perfect for me, it was just perfect. And the aircraft luckily enough
has a fibreglass body which makes it a little bit lighter weight but much more durable than
your average aluminium aircraft. COMM: Despite having the vision for his project Mark was happy to let others do the hard work. MARK: I’m not the type of individual that gets their hands real dirty and involved in
ripping metal and cutting things and whatever. I’d rather come up with the idea, write the
cheque, and then have the vehicle when it’s done. I went to a body shop and he took the
entire body off, it was Cumming Collision where I live, and then I went to another shop
Flex-Fab, also in my area, they fabricated the two together to make it one. COMM: The next challenge was to make his creation road-legal. MARK: I put on side-view mirrors, taillights, it has headlights. It has a rear-view mirror,
it’s got a tag light, it’s got seat belts and yes it’s passed emissions. The tail used
to come out another, I’d say, fifteen or twenty inches, I had to cut that back so that the
vehicle would be able to be driven down the street without ripping into other cars along
the road. COMM: And Mark carried out the finishing touches to the plane car himself. MARK: When I did get the vehicle finished I painted it myself and I striped it and decaled
it myself. This vehicle took me about five months to put together. It cost me a little
under $10,000. COMM: Despite the vehicle’s unique look it still acts as a family run around. MARK: I take my take my son to school in it, and the school goes crazy, all the people
just go nuts when I show up with that aeroplane, and I have a good time, we go out for dinner
in it. We come outside and there’s a full crowd of people and I have to answer a ton
of questions about the plane but that’s y’know part of the game. You have an unusual vehicle
you gotta answer a lot of questions. But I really do like it a lot and I’m going to enjoy
it and pass this one down to probably my son. COMM: But Mark could be persuaded to part with his unusual mode of transport. MARK: I’ve had a few people ask if it was for sale. I told them not right now, but if
the right price was offered to me I’d sell it. Maybe. Maybe, money talks.