The Garage – Benedikt and Continental’s parkpocket App

I can’t believe this. 20 minutes already! Come on! It’s to small… 20 minutes I’ve been looking for a parking space! That could be one… No!!! I am running out of time. [MUSIC] Hello everybody! Now for today’s episode,
we chose a topic which most motorists out there are familiar with. Especially
in crowded cities and when time is your biggest enemy and that is finding a free
parking space. Situation I had this morning. Now luckily there are people out
in this world that come up with brilliant ideas and solutions for
exactly these kinds of situations and one of them is here today with us he is
from Continental’s experts from parkpocket here is Benedikt Bergander! [MUSIC] Benedikt nice to have you! Hi! Great to see you Chris. So tell us a bit about the
solution you brought along with you. We have developed an app and I got it with me. So this is the app here you can see a map and it displays all the parking
options within a city centre. Not bad! So this gives me a nice overview so to say over… [Production: Chris this is to small. I need it bigger!] Ahh… He’s talking about the phone okay. Check it out. [MUSIC] Hold on I got it… [MUSIC] Wait! Wait I got this! [MUSIC] Aha! That’s better! That’s better! I’m wondering if you
gave this into to a plane if you put it in flight mode. Oh well I doubt it though. Okay so let me show you the app. So if we zoom in to the city… The wonderful city of Munich by the way. Exactly! We can see all the parking
garages popping up. So what you can see here now is not only all the available parking options but also the availability. Plus we can also preselect
the parking period so let’s say we want to park for three hours now so and now
what happens is the prices are automatically calculated and you can
actually select whatever car park you want. Okay! So you could say we want to go to “Altstadt”. Exactly! Then we’ll see well that seems to be a good price. So we can see the detailed view and what we can now do is we get all the relevant
information regarding the car park there. So we have handicapped parking, women
parking are there electric spaces available. Plus we get the prices of
course, what are the payment options and all the relevant information that you want. So and when having selected the
appropriate car park, we can directly navigate. We save time, we saved money and
that’s our so-called off seat solution. [MUSIC] So tell me where does all this data
actually go to? What happens with it? Where do I get my information from? So I think you might be familiar with that already. Because actually the data is
both collected and processed within the Continental Cloud. I do have something! [MUSIC] Probably you all remember? [MUSIC] But what if I have other things to do in the city and I’m gonna move my car now from the car park somewhere else? Let’s say a parking
spot on the street? We’ve actually also developed an on street solution. But let me just show you. [MUSIC] Okay so now we’re on Street. So now a car that is driving
alongside the street can actually collect data all relevant to on street
parking spaces. And let me guess, not only my own car is collecting data but other cars that have the system installed also, right? So everybody benefits from it? Right! And all those cars that are actually making that service even better. Now you profit from the data and you can use that data to now find a parking spot right next to the street. [MUSIC] See that? Perfect parking! So all I have to do now is walk down the street, get my parking ticket and I’m good to go, right? You don’t have to do that, because we recently introduced a service that now allows you to pay parking via phone. And it’s already available for some parking lots. So that means we can get rid of this. Great solution! Thank you very much for joining us Benedikt. But before you leave one more thing we have to do… [MUSIC] And that is a selfie of course! Are you ready? 3-2-1 Keep your eyes on the road and be on the lookout for the next episode of The Garage, coming to you soon! Until then take good care. Bye, Bye! You gotta be joking!