The Future of Transmissions – 10 Speed Automatic

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about modern ten-speed automatic transmissions, now
this 2018 Mustang 5 liter GT, has a 10 speed automatic transmission, and I
know many people are thinking 10 speed what is it an old Racing bicycle, well of
course not, it’s modern technology to get as much power as you can out of an
engine, and also get good gas mileage, the automatic transmission in this Mustang
has 10 forward speeds and the last three are overdrive gears to get really good
gas mileage on the highway, now as we crawl under the car, here we see the big
10 speed transmission unit, it’s a rear wheel drive only transmission for
rear-wheel drive, and I do have to say the history behind it is rather odd, it’s
a combination GM and Ford design, kind of like cats and dogs getting together, kind
of surprised me when I read that, now Ford did most of the design on this
ten-speed rear-wheel drive transmission while GM did most of the work on a nine
speed front-wheel drive automatic transmission, but just like cats and dogs
Ford decided they didn’t like the nine speed front-wheel drive transmission, so
they’re using their own 8-speed front-wheel drive transmission, now that
makes more sense to me, the universe is back to its original alignment, and isn’t
out of whack like cats and dogs working together, now I know people are going to say,
Scotty well they have those CVT continuously variable transmissions to
get good gas mileage you know what’s the advantage of an a 10 speed automatic
instead of that, well here’s the difference if you really want to know,
there’s no power lag in this baby, watch this, it just goes like stink when you step on
the gas, it doesn’t have that horrible lag that the CVT transmissions have,
where it feels like it’s just slipping and sliding, this thing is very direct and
it doesn’t feel like it shifts much when it’s shifting it’s pretty seamless, so
with the 10 speed automatic you’re going to have a bunch of really high gear ratios
in the beginning to take off really fast and then as it goes further they can get
lower and lower, and the final overdrive can be real low, so the engine spins
less to get better gas mileage at cruising speed, so literally it’s the
best of both worlds, as you can see here first gear is really high four point six
nine to one it keeps going down and down and down, and in the final overdrive it’s
point six three to one, so you get the best gas mileage possible, and they
really put a lot of thought into this stuff, it’s all computer-controlled, so it
has what’s called an adaptive learning cycle, it perpetually is making
transmission shifts schedule adjustments to maximize acceleration fuel economy
and performance, so while you’re driving and just stepping on the gas, the
computer is learning how you drive, and makes it work the best for your driving
style, this is a Mustang after all so check out the controls that they added
on top of that, if you leave it normal mode it’ll do that, but look at this,
you can go Sport Plus, you can go track, but you’re only supposed to do that on
the racetrack you can go drag strip, or you can even go
rain, snow, wet, all by just flipping this mode switch, so of course I had to take
it to a race track and really it worked quite well for an automatic transmission
it was really speedy around those corners, and if you want to do the shift
in yourself, heck they got these paddle shifters here, down and up puts them into different gears, it’s kind of like the Beauty and the Beast rolled into one these
ten speed automatics, my wife she loved it, she just put it into drive in on normal
mode and on it’s smoothest suspension setting, she had it on, she loved driving
around she said it was great, but the same ten speed transmission, take it to
the track, put it on track mode, hey it’s a completely different animal, it can
take it, same transformation just different settings, and I know people are
going to say, Scotty yeah but does it hold well it’s the same transmission that
they used in the Big F-150 trucks they’ve tested them out in those trucks,
and none of my customers with the f-150 trucks had any serious problems with
them, they had a little software glitch here and there which was reprogrammed for free,
but the transmissions themselves seem to be holding up really well, so I for one
am glad that Ford did most of the engineering on this ten-speed rear wheel
drive transmission, and not General Motors, so now you know a bit about 10
speed automatic transmissions, and why it might be the transmission for you, power
when you want it, and fuel economy when you don’t, and there’s no pedaling necessary
like in this 10 speed, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!