the importance of luxury is that it is something that can only ever happen in the present luxury doesn’t exist in the past luxury doesn’t exist in the future luxury is about the here and now it’s about the moment that happens it’s about the fact that you wake up on a beautiful day and you open your shutters and you see the sunshine that’s a luxury and that’s what happens in here and now it’s the moment you arrive at the hotel and you step into the room and you go wow this is an amazing hotel room I can’t believe I’m really here you’re in that moment it’s when somebody gives you a gift and you open the box and you see the thing for the first time and you just cannot believe that somebody has brought you this thing that’s so precious and so special and every time you look at it you feel special luxury is all about the present and it’s all about the fact that it stops you thinking about the past it stops you thinking about the future and you’re living in the moment you