The BMC Diesel Boat Engine – Norfolk Broads – Boat Vlog Ep 79

Hello there folks I thought I’d do a
video about my engine BMC 1500 diesel I’ve never done one about the engine and
I’m very soon gonna be starting to paint in the area in the engine bay etc
etc make it look all pretty but let’s think of our bilges they’ve got
to be good and at the moment they’re not so that’s what we’re doing it’s been
raining for two days I’m still stuck in the boat bloody awful weather so I
thought making about a video about the boat engine so here we go firstly please
excuse the mess of the place it’s been chucking down with rain for days the
whole area is just like a bog it’s all muddy I can’t get on off the boat that
mud so there’s mud absolutely everywhere anyway the engine is under here okay
here is the BMC 1500 diesel now I want to tell you what I know about this
engine from what I can make out from finding a previous advert of the boat was
this dates back to 1980 now I used to think that all these boat engines came
out of cars that were either written off or were no longer used but I later found
out the BMC did actually make engines for the marine industry which makes
sense because there’s just so many boats with these on even to this day now I
also believe that BMC s are still made in India which is quite interesting to
know but I think all these pattern parts that you get for them now like this lift
pump down here hope you can see that they’re certainly not the same quality as the
original original ones so I imagine they’re probably made in China or
something anyway so I believe this dates back to 1980 the original advert said
that it had been reconditioned which does make sense because it doesn’t smoke
at all and I also believe that when they
reconditioned engines they don’t do the auxiliaries so I used to think these
were taxi engines but they’re not the 1500 wasn’t in the black cabs I think
the black cabs had the two and a half liter one which they what they call it a
Commodore or something these ones here fifteen hundreds probably came out of
something like the Leyland van or something like that I know the Allegros
and the Wolsleys had engines of this size but whether they were petrol or
diesel I really don’t know so what exactly this came out I really don’t
know but I know somebody watching this video will so please tell me what used
to house the 1500 BMC diesels now these engines we used in so many different
things even the minis had these Morris engines in and right on the side here
afraid I can’t show you it says MOWOG which I think stands for
Morris workshop garages or something like this how do I know for the waffle
this alternator here I upgraded I think this one is 85 amps the original one was
either 35 or 45 I cant remember that made a fantastic difference because I have
one leisure battery and I have one starter battery and that is perfect for
that I have no problems getting that charged up behind this pulley is a
relatively recent water pump which I got from Peechments in Brundal and it was the one used for the hire boats and it was a lot more heavy-duty than wooden
that came off the one that came off look like one off a MG or something like
that but this one I put on here is absolutely colossal and it’s it serves
the purpose very very well here is the raw water pump I believe that particular
model now maybe absent obsolete but oddly enough these little brass or
bronze units whatever they are that they’re about 150 200 pounds so rather
strange and I believe a lot of people with the
BMC’s upgraded these to size however I’ve had no problems with
this at all now some of these BMC setups are a little bit different this is the
only one I’ve seen with a Bowman water cooler on like this if you look online
it actually is listed as an oil cooler but it is the water cooler and inside
here is a series of copper pipes I believe and a cant remember which way
around it is but the raw water cools the engine water etc etc okay this down here
is the raw water filter and you need that up here big-time because of all the
reeds and stuff it’s got four cylinders the manual states that it would run at
4400 maximum revs for a car and in the marine capacity it should be 2,000 I
very rarely go over a thousand but this engine will rev up to about 1750 with
the new prop on that I have however the last prop which had a different pitch
would allow me to go up to 2,000 revs but there really is no point because the
boat has an optimum point and if you rev it too hard it doesn’t go any faster it
just sticks the stern in more etc etc okay now I obviously picked the wrong
day to do this but I’m gonna show you the outside the best I can
now as you can see this is a very very tight fit when this boat was originally
made it had a Ford 100E engine in had a petrol engine believe it or not I just
in case you’re wondering that’s the water tank in there with that kink in i’ll have
to sort that out so basically this engine is cooled by the raw cold water
coming up through here and then it goes through and cools the hot water in here
now I do have a heat exchanger as such which is here but you’ll find on
a lot of other boats that don’t have the Bowman that’s 1972 that you’ll find a lot
of them have a header tank attached here whereas this one doesn’t now the
only reason I can think why this is the case with this engine is because if you
look through here it just doesn’t have the room for it so it is a tight fit but
I have to say this engines been absolutely marvelous
just before I forget if you wondering how you get the oil out of
these engines you have to suck it up through the dipstick area there’s two
dipsticks on this actually there’s one on this side and there’s one on this
side this one this must have been the original one lives in a vehicle I can’t
really access that it’s it’s what I probably could if I had to but its really fiddly but this one’s a lot more accessible as behind the lift pump now
to get it out you just simply use a well you can use an electric one but I use a mechanical pump I got this out of Norfolk Marine I think that’s about 20 bucks
something like that and although it’s a bit of a messy job it makes it a lot
easier and I’d say I probably get about 95% of the oil out now I’ll give you a
better visual of what I was talking about with the pump this is the pump
here this is actually brass and it’s quite quite good quality one to be quite
fair but be prepared when you use this it can go horribly wrong and it can be a
right mess in fact I actually managed to completely cover my mother in oil
because she was standing behind me what I was pumping one of the pipes came off
and she got covered in oil as funny as I found it she’s never quite recovered
from it but hey ho that’s boat life for you Now I’ll dig out some links I’ll
put some links in the description if anybody’s looking for something like
this but personally I would go for an electric one the whether or not you can
reach a power point when you do in the engine is up to you basically your
circumstances so anyway have a look in the description if you’re after
something like this? right well here she is this is the fuel filter housing
I recently replaced that because the banjo bolt there was was thread that’s
the oil cooler that’s my gearbox that’s a Borg Warner Velvet Drive and there’s your couplings, I got a double couplings there and there’s your stern
gland and it’s raining and I’m getting wet I certainly picked my best day to do
this that’s just me I’m a bit nuts and that’s my makeshift air filter actually
because um that’s the way it came I might try and dig one out one day
actually got a question for anybody who is watching this knows what they’re talking
about Borg Warner Velvet Drive gear box when it’s hot very nice but when I
start the engine up and it’s cold can be a bit clunky when I put it into drive
I’ve checked the fluid it seems a lovely color and it’s not low so if you could
shed them light on that I’d be grateful because it seems to be a little bit
noisy when it’s cold when it’s warm it’s fine and there’s your injectors here
well that’s your common rail and then all your adjustments there underneath
this valve rocker cover here sometimes these gaskets need changing but there
any couple of quid so there you have it and that’s my exhaust system there
running through and that goes onto a water box so it’s very very quiet I can
stand here and have a conversation no problem with the engine running so there
you have it folks that’s my BMC boat engine please like
and share and if you have any comments? please feel free to add them below