The Biggest Mistake in Automotive History, Elio Motors

Rev up your engines,
kevin says hey scotty how do you feel about Elio Motors, ok well I made a video on that
years ago I went to LA lala land and got to see the early design and drove it around and
I thought it was kind of cool and kind of fun, but it looks to me like he bit off more
than he could chew, and you know he was planning on making this
3 wheeled car motorcycle and it had certain advantages that if you have one drive wheel
like that technically it’s a motorcycle, so that means that one person could drive that
car on the flow lanes in the big cities and that’s a big marketing thing for people that
live in big cities they could use that lane with only one person in it,
they’ve never produced any actual cars, they had prototypes and stuff but they never made
any cars, and the last I looked the company had assets of like $120,000 and debts of millions
and from what even Elio himself said, the company probably needed $200 something million
dollars to get up to productions and with those kinds of assets I don’t think their
ever going to make any cars, they did lease the old hummer factory in Louisiana to build
them but they never actually built any cars there, so I doubt if their ever going to make
any Elios, it was an interesting idea but you know a lot of market factors came in and
gas got cheap so people didn’t care about a car that might get really good gas mileage,
they’d rather have a safer more secure car so I think that time is up for Elio, he should
just give up and realize he’s never going to mass produce any cars,
maybe time will prove me wrong but I doubt it,
Rathwell says Scotty what do you think about Mazdas, are they worth keeping up, well if
you have a car and it runs it’s worth keeping up to a certain extent,
how far do you want to go, if it runs good and you’re not spending a bunch of money on
it great, if it’s a Mazda and the automatic transmission is starting to go out, and you
find out it’s going to cost $3,000-5,000 to fix it, no then you’d get rid of the car,
or if the engine was burning a lot of oil no, but as anything if you own a car and it
runs good, keep driving it around, I even have customers that are driving Chryslers
that I say, go ahead and keep your car, because I explain to them, if you try selling this
car the most you’re going to get is $1,000-1,200 so keep driving it,
and then when you bring it to me and I say, well now it’s going to cost over $1,000-1,200
to fix it, get another car you know, you have to be logical with cars, don’t ever
get emotionally involved, be logical and if you can find an honest mechanic like me, which
of course isn’t that easy to do, but if you can take his advice and follow it along that
way, Russo says should I buy a 1998 and up Honda
accord or civic for $1,000, well yes if it still runs and shifts good why not,
you know a $1,000 is nothing but you want to do a good road test because any car that’s
only selling for $1,000 hey a lot of times their pretty junky and their not worth buying,
that’s the whole thing, watch my video how to check a used car for purchase first and
then do that it’s only you know 3-4 minutes long, do everything in the video and if it
passes the test go right ahead, because $1,000 isn’t much and maybe you’re getting a good
deal, but you know it might be a pile of junk too so watch that video and at least do those
simple tests to see if it’s decent enough car to buy or not, because you never know,
I’ve had customers get great cars for $1,000 if somebody just wanted money and when a car
is, your talking about a 1998 so it’s a 20 year old car how much money are you going
to get for them, davenport says scotty, I’m thinking about
using a piston ring sealer to slow down oil burning on a 2001 corolla, it has decent reviews
on Amazon what are your thoughts, most of that stuff is a total scam, you got
worn metal it’s worn there isn’t anything you can do about it, from my experience, try
this and this is the best thing that you can do without doing any kind of damage by putting
some crazy thing that who knows what it’s going to do, I’ve had customers with that
same vehicle with the same problem of burning a little bit of oil and what I told them was,
change your oil and filter, put in castrol gtx, and one quart of that Lucas oil additive
it’s a thick oil, and that will often slow it down, that’s as far as I’d go, I don’t
know about other additives that say their going to slow down oil burning and stuff,
I just know that the best thing you can do with that vehicle is, change your oil and
filter, put in castrol gtx, and one quart of the lucas oil additive and then whatever
it does live with it because you’d have to rebuild the engine otherwise,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
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