The Amazing Transportation Race

When it comes to getting around our city there is no shortage of options. Bikes, buses and cars are all part of a giant transportation race that’s helping get people where they need to be, when they need to be there. So just for fun, we thought we’d put these against each other in a time honor tradition of the 21st century. That’s right, it’s an overly dramatized game show. Our race is going to start in one of the busiest transportation nodes of all the HRM. Spring Garden’s own public library. It’s the busiest street east of Montreal with over 3 000 pedestrians moving through the area each day, a main transit corridor and let’s face it, it’s no stranger to car traffic. Now let’s meet our contestants! An avid cyclist hailing from Vancouver, that Canadian capital of spokes and pedals, it’s Paul Cloutier! This fearless two-wheel warrior is ready to take on and take down the competition. This seasoned driver has conquered the open roads of Australia to the traffic chaos of Ecuador but can he conquer the other competitors? It’s Chris Palmer! She might be a California kid that grew up surfing the waves before she ever rode a bus, but don’t let that fool you. This girl has mastered transit up and down the West Coast. It’s PLANifax’s own Megan Reddy! Our competitors will be traveling from the Public Library to the Hydrostone Market. The trip will be roughly 4 kilometres depending on each contestants chosen path. The distance has been kept short to simulate the average inner city trip as well as give each mode of transportation a fighting chance. Now you might be wondering where is the most common method of getting around the city. Where is our pedestrian? Well we realize that in a speed race the pedestrian probably doesn’t stand much of a chance, but here at PLANifax we believe that every should be given an equal opportunity, so… That right, I’ll be doing my part to uphold the dignity of the noble pedestrian. Brendan: Alright. Are we ready?
Megan: Ready! On your mark, Get set, GO! Megan: Alright I am going to take the 7 from Barrington Street. I’ve got my bus ticket. Emily: Am I filming this whole thing? Brendan: Yup. Emily: No I’m not! Megan: I don’t know, he’s got a good stride right now, I don’t know what his stamina is like. He has a partner with him so will see. Megan: I would really like to beat the car. I think just for the sake of, you know, show that you don’t need a car to get around Halifax. Chris: People get out of my way! This is a very important race. Megan: I think even if the racers are within five minutes of each other, it should show that having a car doesn’t give this huge benefit over another one. Chris: Pedestrians ruin everything. Megan: Hello, transfer please. Chris: I am really wishing I had just made that light, but I don’t know. Chris: I feel like it takes so long to get out of the parking structure and that everyone else probably has quite a head start. Chris: And these lights just take forever. Megan: Wooo, almost half way. Chris: And then of course one of my biggest issues is having to find parking at the end. While Paul can just bike directly there. Chris: Well, this light could change anytime though. Megan: We have…. about seven more stops I think. So, will be there soon. Chris: Now this is going to be the challenge. Chris: Where to park? Chris: This is going to be my downfall. Chris: And I’m stuck at this same light again. Chris: I’m going to die. Chris: Not fair, and that is the downside of driving in the city. Megan: Soon, soon. Getting off at the next stop. Megan: They’re over there Chris: I lost it at the parking. Paul: Ya, I saw you guys just come up, and down the street. Chris: Good Job. Paul: Thank you, thank you. Megan: Let’s hope that Brendan isn’t close yet. Megan: Hey guys! How long have you been waiting? Paul: That is actually just what we were just talking about… Paul: I like cycling as a way to get around, especially in the city. You don’t have to worry about parking at all. Megan: I think one of the advantages I had with the transit is that I could track it live on Google Maps. Megan: So I knew exactly when my bus was coming and exactly when it was going to get there. Chris: The biggest advantage of being a driver is the speed that I get to travel. Chris: Getting to 50 km/hour between every shot between lights. Megan: It’s just nice. I basically got on the bus, sat down, and let the bus do its thing. Megan: So I didn’t have to worry about anything. I was going to get there at some point, whether or not I liked it. Paul: Well, cycling is definitely a fast way to get around, although if you’re not in the best shape, it could be a little more difficult. Chris: Biggest disadvantage is that you just can’t bet on traffic. Chris: So, you can get stuck behind someone going incredibly slow and then that’s the speed that you get to travel. Chris: Where other people can get around that a little bit better. Megan: I guess a disadvantage would be that I can’t bring a snack or a coffee on the bus in case I get hungry. Megan: But in this case it wasn’t a long enough ride that it really mattered. Paul: If the weather had been wet or you know, colder it could be a bit unpleasant. Would have to pack some more gear. Chris: Pedestrians, crossing the road and everything like that, it is potential really hard because you just can plan for something like that. Megan: So you think it’s the pedestrians fault you came in second? Chris: Always, it’s always the pedestrians fault. Brendan: Victory! So did I win? Megan: You wish. Megan: You won in our hearts.
Brendan: That’s all that matters. There you go folks, the amazing transportation race. And while our cyclist may have one this time with bike lanes, bus lanes, driverless cars, and even the hyperloop who knows what the future of the crazy transportation race will be. Paul: It was a not a bad ride, although it would be nice if there were bike lanes the whole way. Megan: I’d like to see a bus priority lane. Megan: A couple times we missed lights because we were stuck behind other cars that were trying to turn and the bus isn’t skinny enough to get around them Chris: Dedicated bike lanes and bus lanes would definitely help the people who are driving really well. Chris: Get those out of my lane and then I have a clear shot of getting to where I want to go. Chris: Next time we do this I am going to beat that bike. There is no way I am losing to a bike again. Chris: I feel like Jeremy Clarkson would hate me.