Tesla Tuning Shop Upgrades Model X Into A $175,000 Masterpiece

While Tesla produces some of the most impressive electric vehicles around, some Tesla fans think improvements could be made with its styling. That’s where T Sportline comes in. The Los Angeles company prides itself as the world’s first Tesla tuner, and specializes in adding
aftermarket parts and accessories to each of Tesla’s available cars. Today, we’re going to take a look at just what goes into creating
these custom builds. We’re going to follow T
Sportline’s president, Elie Rothstein and his team as they take a standard factory Tesla Model X and give it that extra flair it deserves. As part of the company’s super
exclusive T Largo program, the team has plans to give
this SUV a full makeover, customizing everything from
the body to the cockpit to even the wheels. Elie Rothstein: So, what
we’re gonna be doing today is actually showing you a
stock brand new Tesla Model X that’s in the shop for a T Largo limited edition wide-body program. Limited to only 20 units for the world and each one is numbered, this program really transforms
the exterior of the Model X. 4.3 inches wider to be exact. And we don’t stop there, because we also have
special limited edition 20-spoke wheels that go
on the car to make sure it just looks absolutely
perfect once it’s all done. So one thing that I absolutely do not like about a Tesla Model X is all
this textured plastic trim that goes around the car
completely, and guess what? The T Largo program is
gonna get rid of all that. Out with the plastic, in
with real carbon fiber and a little bit of paint. Besides the exterior transformation that we do with the T Largo program, we also offer many interior upgrades, specifically our beautiful
gloss carbon fiber dash kit, door kit, and steering wheel. So as you could see,
this particular Model X actually has the brand new
oak wood trim from Tesla. And while I think it’s really
cool and tastefully done, it’s just not sporty enough,
and the client agrees. And therefore, we’re
gonna take all that out and make it gloss carbon fiber along with a matching steering wheel, which is what I call the selfish accessory because it’s all about the driver. Narrator: To begin their customization, Elie’s team starts with
the test-fitting process. Here, the team makes sure that the carbon fiber wide
body kit they manufactured for the car fits nice and snug. While the pieces you see
may look awkwardly dull, Elie assures us they’re
100% real carbon fiber that just hasn’t been painted
with the glossy finish that will give it that perfect flair. Elie: OK, so we started
our test-fitting process, and what you see right here is the two-part front lower apron. What you probably noticed is that it’s actually sticking out and that’s because this
is the beginning point of the stance. From this point, the wide-body arches are gonna get installed.
We’ve already started to test-fit our rocker panels. Over here we have our rear fender arches. Look how funny the stock wheels look actually kind of tucked in,
but we’ll take care of that with our 22-inch wheels that
will get installed last. So, what we’re gonna do
is we’re actually gonna have the front apron, gloss carbon fiber. We’re gonna have the rear diffuser, which is very aggressive, super cool, gloss carbon along with the wing. The rest of the pieces are gonna actually be painted
body color, pearl white, and all this is gonna
happen in our body shop, which is where we’re headed next. So here we are at our body shop, and as you can see, some
of the T Largo parts are already laid out. And
you’ll notice that the carbon looks a little kind of cloudy, and that’s because Freddie
has already started with the prep process. He’s gonna do some more
wet-sanding very soon here, and then we’re gonna go
into the paint booth. OK, now that all the
parts have been prepped, this is my favorite part,
paint, and then assembly and T Largo is all done. Narrator: Once the car’s body and exterior have been finished, it’s
time for the interior. Elie’s team goes through the process of removing the cockpit’s
oak wood and plastic trim, and replacing it with shiny carbon fiber and a custom steering wheel. They even have a surprise
for this Model X’s dull, plastic coated seats. Finally, it’s time for those wheels. With the new wide-body kit installed, the Model X’s standard
20 inch factory rims no longer fit the vehicles
larger and more stylish frame. Fortunately for this client,
T Sportline’s T Largo package includes a set of wide
22-inch 20-spoke wheels identical to the ones
seeing being installed here. Again, they give the car
that aggressive sporty vibe buyers can’t find in a factory Tesla. With the SUV’s new parts
painted, assembled and installed, it’s finally time for the reveal. Elie: OK, we are all done
with the transformation of this T Largo package and I
can’t wait to share with you everything that we did including all the little
extra details for this client. Starting off with the front, we went ahead and we painted the chrome V-line trim pearl white body color. The Tesla T-logo is now a very sporty red as opposed to chrome. Moving along the side of
the car, which is really what T Largo is all about, you will see the front fender arches. It has a much wider stance, flows with the side skirts.
But let’s also focus on all this beautiful painted,
what used to be chrome. Chrome’s not very cool right now. And everybody in the Tesla community likes to do something that we coined the phrase called “chrome delete.” We went ahead and painted all the chrome trim around
the windows gloss black, the door handles body
color, so makes it look like there’s no door handles. Let’s take a look at these wheels. 22-inch 20-spoke limited edition T Largo wheels, a satin bronze finish,
very sporty, very cool. This is the customer’s
vision and we gave it to him. Let’s move to the rear of the car and I’ll show you what we did there. OK, take a look at the rear transformation on this Model X. It is absolutely awesome. The wing is now gloss carbon fiber. The Tesla T logo is gloss black and it’s all about the rear diffuser. This is what T Largo is all about. OK, out with the oak wood,
in with gloss carbon fiber. So, on all four doors,
the trim, the decor is now gloss carbon fiber as well as the dash. And again, my favorite,
the steering wheel. But we didn’t stop there. There’s one more element, seat backs. The backs of these seats
are actually just a shell that’s plastic wrapped in vinyl. Check it out how much cooler it looks when it becomes gloss carbon fiber. Narrator: There you have it,
the ultimate Tesla Model X and a true sport SUV. With the unique styling to match the incredible
technology onboard. This custom electric vehicle
now valued at $175,000 has both the speed and styling to match any luxury automaker out there.