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welcome to the newscast I’m Tom wara
Beck let’s get straight to your afternoon headlines vacuum giant Dyson
says it will build its first electric vehicle in Singapore the British
manufacturer saying today that it will complete the Singapore assembly plant by
2020 Dyson also sticking to a goal of rolling out its first model by 2021 as
part of a two point six billion dollar effort to expand into the auto sector
meanwhile construction is still ongoing at Dyson’s England test facility which
includes a handling track in an off-road route Tesla shares jumped today this
after a longtime critic and short seller citron research praised the success of
the ebee makers mass-market model three sedan the firm says the model 3 is a
proven hit and many of the warning signs surrounding Tesla aren’t significant the
u-turn comes a month after Citroen sued Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk the firm
claimed musk fraudulently engineered his since abandon plan to take Tesla private
to quote Byrne short-sellers Citroen however is not withdrawing the
suit Nissan saying today that its leaf is the first
evie to win regulatory approval as an energy backstop for Germany’s
electricity grid so-called vehicle-to-grid tech is a connection
between the e V and the grid power can flow from the grid to the vehicle and
vice versa the move potentially enables car owners to sell energy to the network
while utilities could use EVs as a backstop if demand rises Nissan expects
the program to attract corporate fleet customers Ford saying today that it will
halt car production at a plant in Spain for nine days during November due to low
demand the automaker adding that engine production will also stop next month for
13 days some of those engines are sent to Canada for the edge crossover
let’s move back to the US for part two of our sales race roundup series and
today we’ll focus on some speedy rides the Ford Mustang is on pace to collect
its fourth consecutive pony car sales Crown through September Ford has sold
more than 60 1600 Mustangs the Dodge Challenger about 93 hundred units behind
is in second place and look at the Chevrolet Camaro a distant third as
sales have slipped 26% so far this year moving on to other speedsters last year
Jaguar outsold Alfa Romeo by more than a three-to-one margin a different story in
2018 Alfa is sold nearly 10,000 Salvio crossovers this year and that’s helping
the Italian sporty luxury brand draw closer to its struggling English rival
Jaguar sales are off 30% through nine months to about 20 1,200 units meanwhile
alpha sales soaring 147 percent to nearly 18,000 200 vehicles will check in
on the big brand leaders tomorrow until then have a great day