TeleCar – OSU Engineering Expo 2016

So our project we named TeleCar,
the idea behind it is that it’s a remote driving system,
so you can take a car anywhere else in the country,
or the world even, and control it from some other location over the internet. Our system is a prototype of it,
basically a proof of concept. We’re currently only doing it over WiFi,
but you could exchange the parts for, say, a 4G connection, do it over mobile
broadband as long as you have cellular connection. So the importance of the project is,
first off our sponsor just wanted to know if it was possible as an alternative to
autonomous driving because that’s in the news a lot right now. A lot of people don’t want to
give up that control over the vehicle, they still want a human behind the wheel,
this would allow that to still be happening. So there would still be someone behind the
wheel, it would be a good option for
if you still need to go somewhere in your car,
but you for some reason cannot drive it, so maybe your car got left somewhere,
and you want it to be brought home, but you don’t have a way to get to it,
you’re really tired, or for some reason otherwise can’t drive your car,
so you want someone else to do it so its safer. Those are the uses we’ve thought of for it. So the basics of it is
we have this wheel controller, usually used for gaming,
but we have it hooked up in this laptop, which goes over to the router,
which sends it over wifi, to this computer and it goes into the car. So when we turn the wheel,
the wheels on the car turn, and if we rev the gas,
the back wheels start showing gas. The coolest thing was that we got a lot of
toys essentially to work with like
we got given a RC car, got given a mini computer that’s as
strong as my home computer. We got to do all of these cool bits that
when it came together we got to drive something. So it was just a lot of fun to work on
and see all of it come together.