Tech Specs – TE Connectivity AMP+ Connectors and Headers

(upbeat music) – Okay, what do we have today? (upbeat music) (steam hissing) – TE Connectivity’s AMP+
headers and connectors can carry mind-melting ratings of up
to 300 amps and 850 volts. But thanks to their
built-in safety features, you don’t have to worry about
actually melting anybody. TE’s AMP+ family enables
safe, efficient, and reliable connectivity in hybrid
and electric vehicles. Connectors are available with
up to five positions with a design that minimizes package size, while increasing creepage
and clearance to maximize the voltage rating. Touch-proof contacts and
integrated HVIL contacts keep users safe, while shielding prevents
interference to nearby data and communication lines. The connectors are designed
for the harsh environments of automotive applications. With high vibration-tolerance,
sealing up to IP6K9K, and the ability to operate it up
to 140 degrees Celsius. The connectors also facilitate
quick and correct assembly, with multiple coding
options, and tool-free mating and unmating. (upbeat music)