TDK LeaXield | Featured Product Spotlight

In industrial drive systems, Earth leakage currents can often cause unintentional tripping of residual current devices rendering them either not usable or only with substantial additional outlay.
The TDK Electronics LeaXield™ active leakage current filter, available from Mouser Electronics, facilitates a dramatic reduction of earth leakage currents, enabling the effective use of residual current devices and increasing plant availability.
Variable-speed drives are used in industrial installations for a variety of tasks such
as machine tools, pumps and compressors. A typical drive system consists of an EMC line filter, the frequency converter and the motor. LeaXield is connected between the RCD and the EMC line filter, and feeds the leakage currents back to the source, preventing them from flowing through the RCD and tripping it unintentionally.
LeaXield is effective over a broad frequency range from 150 Hz to 30 kHz. Unfiltered leakage currents are dramatically attenuated when LeaXield is used. It effectively reduces both stationary leakage currents ranging from 150 Hz to 1 kHz and variable leakage currents, which are typically between 1 kHz and 16 kHz. The earth leakage currents reduced by LeaXield are significantly below the RCD tripping threshold, thereby preventing unintentional tripping
of the RCD. LeaXield is easy to install – ideal for retrofitting into existing systems -and doesn’t require an external power supply.
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