Taking Public Transportation to UMass Boston

Hi! I’m Jared Ward, I’m a psychology, sociology,
and communication here at UMass Boston, and I’m going to show you how to get to and around
campus, whether you’re taking public transportation, driving, biking, or walking. If you’re taking the subway, take the MBTA’s
red line to the JFK — UMass station. You can also take the Old Colony commuter rail
to the JFK — UMass station. Once you get off at the train platform, go
up the stairs, out the turnstiles, and then down either the stairs or ramp to the waiting
shuttle buses. Get on any Crystal Transport bus and take
the five-minute ride to campus. The bus will drop you in front of the Campus Center. This is where you’ll need to go to get back
to the JFK — UMass station. Take either the Route 1 or the Route 2 shuttle bus from the
Campus Center. The Route 2 shuttle also stops at the JFK Library and Presidential Museum.
The Route 1 shuttle does not run on the weekends. You can also take the Route 8 M-B-T-A bus
or the Route 16 M-B-T-A bus. We also have bike racks for those biking to
campus, and during the spring, summer, and fall months, you can rent a bike through the
Hubway share program. There are kiosks across from the Campus Center and at the JFK — UMass
station. For bus schedules, a downloadable map, and
an interactive map, visit our website, at w-w-w- u-m-b dot –e-d-u.