Take a spin in virtual reality with Kwasi Automotives

Hi, my name’s Matt, and I’ll be taking you on your test drive today. The first thing you’ll notice is the smooth acceleration. We’re currently in comfort mode, that literally feels like we’re gliding along the road. In fact, why don’t we take a left just up here at the roundabout. Take you onto the motorway, that’s where I can show you what this car can really do. Head along this road and we’ll be there. I actually think this road’s a thirty. Beyond our limit, okay, so if you just slow down a wee touch. Yep, it’s definitely a thirty… Brake! Oh my god, are you okay? I just thought we were doing a test drive of a new car, I had no idea that was going to happen at all. It was a surprise, I didn’t expect it. You think you’re driving the car, everything’s quite relaxed and all of a sudden somebody walks out on you from behind the van. Boom.