Sustainable Transportation Options

CSULB is commited to environmental sustainability.
Our single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions is from vehicle commutes to campus.
We have to tackle this transportation challenge head on if we are going to achieve our Climate
Action Plan goals, and we can’t do it without your help.
There are a bunch of ways to get to campus that are a lot more sustainable, less expensive,
and less stressful than driving by yourself. You don’t really need to drive your car
to campus because it’s free to ride the bus. It’s super easy with so many direct
routes to campus, and busses run every twenty minutes during class times. If you’re a
currently enrolled student in a state supported degree, credential, or certificate program,
stop by the Cashier’s Office in Brotman Hall to get your free TAP Card.
Biking can be one of the fastest, most convenient and most enjoyable ways to get to and around
campus. Long Beach has long been a pioneer in creating a bike-friendly city by building
infrastructure that’s safe and convenient for all types of riders. There are routes
connecting to the university from all directions. Cal State Long Beach has been officially recognized
as a Bicycle Friendly University and the city of Long Beach has been recognized as a Bicycle-Friendly
Community. carpooling is a great option too.
Carpoolers can share the cost of gas and a parking permit and take advantage of conveniently
located carpool parking spaces throughout campus. Find a carpool partner via Zimride,
It’s quick, easy, and free. Zipcars are also available to be rented for
a low hourly or daily rate from locations throughout campus. With Zipcar, you get the
convenience of having a car when you need one, without all of the hassle and expense
that comes with it. With all of these sustainable transportation
options on campus, bringing your car is not necessary. Most of your trips can be made
by bus, bike, shuttle or walking, and when you need a car, you can use one of ours.
So leave your car at home and help us take purposeful steps toward a greener campus and