Sustainable Living E4 | Transportation: Cycling, Walking, Public Transportation, Car Sharing

music plays$750 per month $30 per month $9,100 per year $350 per year 4.7 metric tons of Co2 every year No Co2 emitted ever 614 hours per year sitting in a car Exercising every beautiful minute I used less then 1 gallon of gas in 104 days and cycled 4,700 miles. And I saw that cycling is for everyone… All shapes, sizes and ages of people were out riding. But you don’t have to bike across the country to get out of the rat race. What can you do? Get rid of your car. Join a car share program. Or just drive a whole lot less. Ride a bike to work, school and everywhere! Get a rack and panniers and run errands on your bike. Take public transportation. Live near work or school. and just walk! Subtitles by the community