Supercharger vs Turbocharger – Why Supercharged Car is Better than Turbo

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Today I’m going to talk about why
superchargers are the way to go for power in your car, if you’re the type of
person who thinks it’s better to burn out than fade away, well listen to this
video about superchargers, turbochargers and superchargers both compress air, but
they do it differently, as you can see on the turbocharger, it uses exhaust gas to
spin a turbine which then compresses air, sends it to a cooler, and then into the
intake manifold to boost the engine, where superchargers use a belt that runs
off the engine to spin and then compress air, and throw it inside the engine, it’s
more direct, now I like superchargers for power, and I know people are saying,
Scotty but most of the modern cars come with turbochargers why, well in the
United States that’s mainly because of federal law, there’s so much pressure on
the manufacturers to make cars with better gas mileage, and on a dynamometer,
a turbocharged car is going to get better fuel ratings, so of course that’s
what they’re going to build, but when it comes to adding power to your car, I like
superchargers for a lot of reasons, they cost less to install, they’re easier to
install, there are less complex, and my favorite reason is, they have more fast
direct power, you step on the gas they go there’s no lag, it’s run off the belt,
it’s spinning all the time it doesn’t have to wait for the turbo to spool up
with exhaust gas to get going really fast,
and anyway I’m old-fashioned, to me, simpler is better, and a supercharger is
simpler, you don’t have to infringe on the exhaust system as much, typically a
supercharger is easier to install, also your control of the boost if you’re on a
throttle you have boost, if you’re off the throttle you don’t have boost, and
they’re fairly simple to install, they’re all belt driven or most of
them are belt driven, there’s many, many different aftermarket applications to
where you could basically put a supercharger on just near anything,
now you can supercharge a lot more things than cars and trucks, check this out,
from a UTV, ATV, all the way down to a personal watercraft, you can do jeeps, you
can even do these carts if you want, as you can see here, it’s all belt driven, just
bolts on, and if you want to talk about power, the
engine would be 500 horsepower, but with the supercharger on it, it puts
out 1,200 horsepower, an engine is basically an air pump, and what you’re
doing is you’re increasing the amount of air that the engine can pump with a
supercharger, and of course if you want it done right, you need the Pros to do
the final tuning for it on a Dyno, here we have a Mustang dyno, this is what
we utilize to tune the vehicles that we work on here, so you want a supercharged
one in your cars, there’s nothing that beats a pro with
years of experience to help you out, usually when we have somebody come
in here, my main thing is to talk to them about what their power goals are, and
what the setup is and I try to sell them a supercharger that down the road will
fit any needs they might have, because you might have somebody come in here
that you know the only one make 600 horsepower right then, but then they’re
like, well I might do a motor later on so we kind of try, I I don’t like spending
people’s money twice, because the last thing you want to do is put a gigantic
supercharger on your car and find out it’s going to blow your engine because it
can’t take it, these pros know what they’re talking about, usually like the
two main kits that I talk to people about, is either pro chargers or
Whipple’s, we can even do Magnuson superchargers, and you have different
kinds too, from you know your side mount, to your top mount superchargers, so
there’s a bunch of different options on them, so they’ve been doing this stuff for
years, they know which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which ones are
kind of in between, now where do these things come from, they’re all United
States made superchargers, two of these companies are from California, Pro
chargers from Kansas, vortex from California, so they’re all american-made
stuff, and these guys are just a phone call away, they’re willing to talk and
explain all kinds of stuff, how the systems work, what it costs, so if you’re
thinking about putting some serious power into your car, you might think
about super charging, and it remember you if you’ve got any questions just visit Scotty Kilmer
channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!