Stupid and Dangerous Things – Plastic Car Parts

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show how plastic car parts cannot only be stupid, but they can
be dangerous, now this 2001 Celica was towed over here because it was running bad and
smelled like gasoline, the owner was worried about a fire, she was smart, she
told it over here and what did I find wrong, but the fuel rail was leaking, it’s
plastic and it had cracked from the heat on the engine that was weakened fuel, so
here’s a brilliant design all the high-pressure flammable fuel runs in a
plastic piece and then sprays it into the metal on the engine, well guess what, that
plastic starts to crack, it leaks the whole car could go up in flames, so we have to remove the
bolts that hold it in place, there’s only two of them, now the trick here is
getting the fuel line off, because you need the special tool you just have to
get it, fits inside snaps on you push it and then the line comes off here’s a tool I had to special order it
online for Toyotas without it you’ll never get it offer you break something
it only cost me like 15 bucks, off lifts the old line, off it comes and here’s the all-black plastic line
we’ll throw it away but interesting enough here’s the brand
new shiny metal one, came from the dealer guess they admitted they made the stuff
wrong to make it out of plastic in the first place, then realize you got to put
new tiny o-rings in the fuel injectors where they go into the rail to make sure
it doesn’t leak, one on each injector, grab the fuel injector and you just snap
the rubber ring right on top, so it goes on nice and snug and the last trick is this,
you pour a little gasoline on each of the o-rings before you slip them into
the fuel rail so they go in smooth pour a little on, snap it into it’s hole, popped right in, then you carefully slide
the entire assembly onto the engine so that all the holes line up right,
then bolt the two rail bolts on nice and snug and the fuel line doesn’t need a
tool anymore, just fits in and snaps, then you put this little lock tab on top,
then you cross your fingers and turn the key, now if only they wouldn’t of made this
stupid piece out of plastic in the first place, we wouldn’t have had to do any of this,
remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer
channel and I’ll answer them if I ever get tired of driving this Mustang