Study Abroad: Chris revs up his studies in Germany

For my exchange last year I went to Munich,
in Germany. I went there to study my thesis. My topic was working with hybrid-suspension
systems vehicles and it was something really exciting, because here in Perth we don’t really
have a lot of access to the automotive industry. The university I went to in Munich was called
the Technical University of Munich. It had a German name which is pronounced something
like Technusche Universitat Munchen. Their the top university in Munich with
reference to technical and scientific studies. On my second day there when I was trying to
find my project, I bumped into one of the Professors there, and he’s asked me ‘oh are you okay?’
and I said “oh I’m actually trying to find a thesis project to do. I’m really looking
for something in automotive department”, and straight away he said “well there’s two guys
that, are in charge of the projects here. Why don’t you go see them?” He took me straight
there and almost immediately I was able to find something. I think it was quite easy for me to adjust
to the German culture. Mainly because I’ve always been quite interested in you know learning
different cultures. When I was younger I studied Japanese before, so you know I’ve
always been wanting to go to another place, to live there for a while see what its like.
When I went there I actually decided to take a German course for a month as well. [Speaks German] I
think that really helped because going around
I could ask them basic questions. Such as you know wheres the bank or where can I find
the toilet which is probably one of the essentials that you need or you know asking can I pay
the bill or things like that. In the second month that I was in Germany
I actually decided to fly over to London to start a Contiki tour. Where I went from London
first of all to Prague, and to Amsterdam, Berlin, to where else did I go – Munich, from
Munich you went to Lucerne, Venice, Rome, Paris. Yeah I got to see a lot of Europe over
there and it was a lot of fun. I got to experience a lot of the festivals
that they have over there as well and just being able to be a part of the winter and
the spring festival which were a little bit like Oktoberfest. It was a lot of fun being
able to go with friends, going on some rides. Dressing up with German Lederhosen. You’re
end up doing a lot of fun things. When I was at the airport leaving Munich,
I was going through a lot of mixed emotions. You know walking with your suitcases and you’re
trying to suck in all the tears but then when no ones looking you’re kind of you know tearing
a little bit and then I actually flew home with my mate James who was on exchange with
me. So we were both trying to help each other, tell each other its okay. It was a really,
I’d say a really emotional moment, yeah. If you get a chance to go on exchange I would
say do it. You’re not going to regret it, it’s a lot of fun and you meet a lot of great
friends. You go through a lot of new and exciting, challenging experiences. If you have a chance
to go just take the chance and go for it. I think you’re not going to regret it.