Studiengang Automotive Systems Engineering

My name is Nicolaj Stache and I am Head of the study program Automotive Systems Engineering at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.
Modern vehicles are complex systems consisting of mechanical and electrical components as well as software. In order to be able to participate in the development process, experience in all of these three areas is needed as well as being able to keep the overview, which is exactly what you learn within the Automotive Systems Engineering program. Furthermore, you will get to know the tools that will be used later on in your professional life. As well as learn how to apply your knowledge to precise examples straight from the automotive industry. The Bachelor’s program Automotive Systems Engineering lasts 7 semesters, the Master’s program takes another 3 semesters. In the main study period, you will get the opportunity to set your own priorities by choosing one of our specializations. What is currently being researched in the Automotive Systems Engineering program? The topics range from alternative drive concepts, electric mobility, efficient driving concepts to autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. It is always important to me, that our students are involved in the topics and thus gain their experience.
My name is Andreas Schneider. I am an ASE student here and currently working on my thesis. In my opinion the course of study is very future-oriented. I had the chance to deal with artificial intelligence as well as deep learning. These topics are currently in great demand within the automotive industry, which is why I can highly recommend this future-oriented course of study. The career prospects are still excellent. Even though, we are currently in a period of change, which is however positive for us. Megatrends that will be of great interest in the future are automated driving, alternative traffic concepts and alternative drives. These topics are exactly the ones we are currently preparing our students for.