StreetPricer Success Story – Automotive – eBay Store

Hi! This is Cardy
from StreetPricer. Today I’m going to show you
one of our best customers. He runs a fantastic
eBay business. He turns over 100,000 dollars
per month, all by himself. Let’s find out how he does it. -Hey, Simon!
-Cardy. -Hey, how are you?
-Thanks, mate. How are you? -Good. Good to see you.
-Good to see you too. -Yeah. How’s business?
-It’s really good, mate. It’s been really good. Yeah.
Thanks for asking. Okay. So, this is it.
This your business? Yeah, mate, this is it. You did this all by yourself? Yeah. All on my own. This is it.
This is everything. Can you share
a few tips with us? -Absolutely.
-Okay. Hey, Simon. I know you’ve been running
this eBay business for a few years now. Can you give us an idea? Yeah, no worries at all. So, we’ve been here
on eBay for maybe six years. And we’re one
of the top sellers in our category. We sell automotive parts online. And we have
over 130,000 feedback. And we push out on average
80 to 120 items a day. -Wow.
-And on a good day, 150. That’s cool. And we keep our stock here. And we also get daily top up
orders from our local suppliers. Oh, that’s fantastic. So, what are the challenges
in running your business? At the moment, we’re facing
a couple of challenges in terms of margin. We found that being online,
our margins started to come down as we had more competitors
enter the market’s best. What we really need to do, because it’s just me
working here, is we really need
to look into automation. So, we’ve been automating
our daily orders. -We also use StreetPricer…
-Thank you. Which helps with the tracking
of our competitors, as well as order processing,
of course. And we also use at least
a cross-shipping method to find the cheapest carrier
that we can. Indeed you’re
a StreetPricer customer. Yeah. How competitive
is your marketplace? It’s very competitive. Because it’s online, we’re not just competing
with locals here; we’re competing
with people interstate, and even in other countries
around the world. It’s really important to us that our margins are as best
as they can be, and to do that, we have to remain competitive
with pricing. Have we been making a difference
to your business? Absolutely, yeah, you have. It’s been fantastic. Since using StreetPricer, I no longer have to manually
go into our computer and find out why our listings
are starting to underperform. StreetPricer does it for me. They also keep an eye
on the prices for me. So, if one of our competitors drops their price
by a little bit, we get our price
back under that to make sure we keep
those sales. -That’s good to know.
-Okay. So, thank you.
Thank you for your time, Simon. No worries.
Thanks for coming down. Thank you.