Step by Step: How to Wash a Car with an Electric Pressure Washer – Black Light Car Wash Soap – KITT

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. I’ve got Frank from the Aficionauto, nice
to meet ya. Frank is a Frenchmen and he drove this Pontiac
2,500 miles just to bring it to us at Chemical Guys. Along the way he has picked up a lot of dirt,
debris and some scratches that we want to address using our new Snow Foamer Foam Cannon. This is going to produce a lot of foam with
less PSI. The foam is going to produce lubrication and
it will also make it easier to wash. For those of you guys who have a small, tiny
or unsatisfying pressure washer, we went down to our local hardware store and picked up
this eighty dollar little electric pressure washer and it requires less PSI, it’s not
as loud as a gas pressure washer and it will still produce a ton of foam using our new
Snow Foamer. So lets get started! To start off we already have out two bucket
method setup. We’re going to use our new Black Light Soap
since this vehicle is black we want something that will complement it so the Black Light
is obviously the way to go. Using two Dirt Traps, we’ll put one in our
clean water solution just put it in at in an angle and push it all the way to the bottom
which will create a seal that will help reduce the amount of dirty water in the bucket which
will reduce scratching. I’ll put the other in the rinse bucket. Next, we’ll add about an ounce to our clean
water solution and this is where we will get foam. We’ll also load up our Foam Cannon with about
an ounce as well. Now we have the Foam Cannon and the bucket
setup we’re going to start rinsing it off. Frank if you want to get on that. So Frank has never detailed before and it
is his very first time. Although he owns many cars this is the very
first one that he is going to foam. So we’re going to walk him step by step because
he doesn’t know shit. First off we have a new electric pressure
washer and it is new to us also because we are used to the gas pressure washer but it
is a learning experience for everyone. It is already plugged in and the hose is connected. It comes with this nifty misting attachment. It clips into the standard quick release. Lets start spraying it down. One thing I should mention is you want to
rinse from the top down this way you’re rinsing off the heavier dirt and you are getting dirt
on areas you already cleaned. Now that Frank rinsed off his car we’re going
to attach our Foam Cannon. One thing I want to mention is this thing
is electric so it doesn’t put out as much pressure as the gas pressure washer does. It claims to have about a thousand PSI but
it feels more like five hundred but we’re going to show you that even with only five
hundred PSI our Foam Cannon is still going to produce an impressive amount of foam. I’m attaching the Foam Cannon, it has the
standard quarter inch quick release and now we’re going to foam the car. As Frank the Frenchie just showed you this
is how you foam your car and now we’re going to start scrubbing it to get all that loose
dirt and debris off. Might want to step back a little bit. With any wash you want to start from the top
and work your way down. We have our Wash Pad all soapy. Working in straight lines we are avoiding
new swirls or scratches. I’m picking up all the loose dirt, grime and
debris that is sitting on the surface. Right now Frank is washing the front end of
the Pontiac and we want to make sure we go in straight lines because if you pick up a
rock, a stick or contaminant that can scratch the paint it’ll cause a swirl which is a lot
easier to notice and a lot harder to polish out. As you’re washing the Wash Pad will get dirt
and any other things stuck in the noodles so we will rinse it off using our clean water
over here. Place it in all the way down to the bottom
and it’ll hit the Dirt Trap and that will separate the dirt from the mitt getting trapped
under the cones and keeps it out of the rinse bucket which keeps it off the vehicle. After you’ve wrung out your Wash Pad just
take it over to the soap bucket and get it foamy and keep on washing. Now that Frank is done scrubbing off all the
loose dirt using the Wash Pad we’re going to rinse it off. So, Frank it is the same process as before
just rinse it off from the top down and get off all the dirt and soap and we’ll dry it
inside. The car is all rinsed off so we need to start
drying it and I’m going to use After Wash which is a drying aid that’ll break the surface
tension between the water and the paint reducing water spots. To help dry I’m using this big plush towel
this is the Monster Edgeless Towel, it has a plush pile which is going to pick up all
the water without leaving any streaks and since it is edgeless it won’t create any new
scratches or swirls. Same thing as when you we’re washing, start
from the top and work down this way you’re not getting water on areas that you’ve already
dried. Well guys it really is that simple to learn
how to wash your car and also to detail your own vehicle. As you can see Frank is finishing off the
last touches. It’s been a pretty interesting day, obviously
we had a lot of fun with this and I don’t want to hear or see any comments about improper
techniques because it was Franks first time so give him some credit and he drove 2,500
miles just to bring this car to us. So if you want to learn more about these products
check them out on our website If you like this car or this video or Frank,
give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.