Steelcraft STX600 Heavy Duty Black Running Boards

Hey guys Greg from here today to
review Steelcraft Automotives STX600 series running boards.
Now Steelcraft Automotive is without a doubt one of the leaders in the aftermarket when
it comes to SUV and truck accessories. Today we have Steelcrafts STX600 series running
boards. I am sure you are all thinking the same thing I am, these running boards look
great, and will without a doubt step up the look of your truck.
First and foremost, let’s take a deeper look into the construction of these running
boards. The STX600 features a heavy duty 14 gauge precision stamped carbon steel deck
which provides ultimate strength and durability. These things were specifically built for serious
work and abuse. When manufacturing these boards, Steelcraft goes as far as to fully E-coat
the steel before the application of industrial grade power coat finish to withstand years
of punishment. So if your outfitting your own truck to be a workhorse or maybe even
a fleet of trucks, don’t overlook the STX600. Alright, so let’s move onto the step pad
and top of the board because well, that’s what you’re going to see. Now the STX600
incorporates a massive 6 ½ inch step surface for not only comfort, but also security. The
entire deck is stamped with traction lugs for maximum footing in any weather condition.
You’ll also notice at the end of each board Steelcraft also added 1 piece stamped end
caps that are welded directly to the deck to deflect road debris away from your truck.
So to wrap things up with this review, not only do these STX600 running boards look great
from all angles, perform the job you need them to, built to handle serious abuse, and
provide years of service, but they are also covered under a 3 year warranty if you do
run into any issues. I’m Greg from subscribe to our
Facebook and YouTube channels and I will see you next time for more product reviews and
installation videos.