Steelcraft 5-inch Premium Oval Black Side Steps

Hey guys Greg from here today to
review Steelcraft Automotives 5-inch premium oval step bars. Steelcraft Automotive is without a doubt one
of the leaders in the aftermarket when it comes to SUV and truck accessories. Today, we have Steelcrafts 5in premium oval
step bars. I am sure you are thinking the same thing
I am, these bars look great, and will without a doubt step up the look of your truck. Now in terms of their construction, each of
these bars are manufactured using tough, durable 5-inch steel tubing. But the most noticeable feature by far are
the 30-degree bends at each end topped off with their welded and blended end caps for
a super clean and sleek look. Another feature to highlight is Steelcrafts
aggressive wide step no-slip step pads. Now this makes getting in and out of your
vehicle in less than great weather conditions, no problem. Each 5-inch premium oval step bar kit comes
with include sturdy cradle mounts. Now the great thing about these mounts are
that they require no drilling into your truck so they are super easy to install in your
home garage. So guys when it comes to finishes and overall
construction, you have two options with these step bars all depending on how you want to
complete the look of your truck. You can get their 5-ichn premium oval step
bar in either a very polished stainless steel, which is covered under a limited lifetime
warranty, or a black powder coat finish, which is covered under a 3-year warranty. Well guys that’s my review of Steelcraft
Automotives 5-inch premium oval step bars. I’m Greg from subscribe to our
Facebook and YouTube channels and I will see you next time for more product reviews and
installation videos.