Steelcraft 4-inch Standard Oval Stainless Steel Side Steps Review

Hey guys Greg from here today to
review Steelcraft Automotives 4in oval step bars. Now Steelcraft Automotive is without a doubt
one of the leaders in the aftermarket when it comes to SUV and truck accessories. Today we have Steelcrafts 4in oval step bars,
now these bars incorporate their original straight style design, which is also used
on all three oval diameters that they offer. Now in terms of their construction each of
these bars are manufactured using tough, durable 4in steel tubing, Steelcraft also incorporates
there welded and blended end caps to add a super clean and sleek look. Now one of my favorite features to this straight
style is that it provides a large ample foot print and aggressive non slip step pad. Now this makes getting in and out of your
vehicle in less than great weather conditions no problem. And when it comes to finishes you can get
their 4in oval bar in either a polished stainless steel which is covered under a limited lifetime
warranty, or the black powder coat option that’s also covered under a 3 year warranty. Now in my opinion this black powder coat option
is perfect for if you want to accent your already blacked out truck, or have it blend
in with some off road bumpers that you already have or maybe even plan to install. Now at this point you’re probably asking
yourself, how do I know which diameter step bar is right for me? Well ask just yourself, what are you really
using your truck or SUV for? Now if you’re using it simply as a commuter
vehicle, or just to drive your family and kids around and want easier accessibility
for getting in and out of your high ground clearance vehicle, then the smaller diameter
4 inch oval step bar should do the trick. And hey if after watching this video you are
still unsure which step bar is right for you, call one of our product specialists at
were always here to help you make the right decision. Well that’s my review of Steelcraft Automotives
4 inch oval step bars. I’m Greg from subscribe to our
Facebook and YouTube channel and I will see you next time for more product reviews and
installation videos.