let’s start Spraying oh yeah Sharer’s whoo this is
gonna look so good! Lizzy Liz Oh Liz there you are oh hey
baby Otter, are you ready to see the surprise? you’d be surprised
okay stop but don’t open don’t open yet so excited to show Liz okay here we go in
three two one… what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day. Sharer’s today is going to be so much fun
because we’re going to hydro dip Liz’s Jeep you have been commenting what color
we should change Liz’s Jeep and share us today is the day that we’re gonna change
it from this white color to a custom share the love color shares get ready
because this Jeep is no longer going to be white at the end of today it is gonna
be one crazy cool color what color we’re gonna choose definitely shares it’s
going to be completely custom we have to make the color ourselves today we have
to mix it in a paint bucket so what’s gonna come out to be I have no idea but
let’s get started we got to get the Jeep down by the pond so we can get it
prepped and ready to get painted a little mini dog on it just like baby
otter oh yeah let’s off-road in this Jeep here we go oh yeah off-roading
always getting steep out here shares we are currently off-roading in the Jeep
whoa this is crazy let’s not go into the ponds I steer
clear Oh Fred this is making the pot oh it sure is do you see the snake anywhere
come on right now there’s still a snake somewhere in this pond and it’s warm
today so we might very well might see it today whoa step one is done we got the
Jeep into the spot where we’re gonna get ready to paint it step two we got to
grab some paint we got a tape up the car oh and there’s Liz and Carter Sherri’s welcome to the vlog yes check
out the awesome new drift card that we did Liz decorated the box for a drift
car look how awesome it looks whoa let’s go paint loses car whoa whoa looks like
Matt’s here oh yeah what’s up shares I’m here to help paint oh yeah let’s get
this Jeep painted whoa shares it’s gonna be one epic Jeep let’s go let’s go we
got our paint we got to shake it up a one way to do it is roll it down the
hill Liz you ready here we go shares in three two one go
shake it up oh yeah shaking up the paint go Matt oh yeah Liz careful Oh oh that’s
one way to shake up your paint okay shares we got two more pink hairs
one for you Steve and one for me we’re gonna do a race down the hill you ready
I’m ready fine let’s get set up let’s put them on
the start line right here it on the count of three we’re going to see which
one wins comment hashtag Steven if this is gonna win and comment hashtag Carter
if mine’s gonna win ready yeah here we go and can we push it yeah give it a
little push to start in three if you come in at hashtag Carter you were right
loaded up the ATV with all the products let’s see what we got Oh check it out
shares look at all this awesome stuff that dip your car sent us to help us
hydro dip Liz’s car we got a spray gun and we got paint and everything else we
need is awesome let’s do it yeah sure look they even sent a little shirt for
baby otter Carter check this out it’s his Little Dipper on the back and
dip your car on the front hey otter where are you otter otter come here
otter come here we got a shirt for you come here baby
come here look we got a shirt for you oh so good on you oh yeah baby otter your
dip your car professional now ready to help us hydrate that was cheap
and look at how cute this shirt is on baby otter
mater you’re so cute so Liz we are about to hide you dip your car if you could
pick any color you want what color would you pick Oh share the love blue is your
favorite sure should we paint Liz’s car show the love blue comment right now
what color we should paint it okay well the first step is to tape this car up
any areas that we don’t want painted so let’s get to work
oh sure is check it out my mom’s coming out she’s driving the truck hey mom Oh
snacks perfect I’m always snacking alright mom come on down come join the
party check it out shares it’s coming along really nicely we got the Jeep it’s
getting all taped up we got tape there we got the windows taped up the back
window we got mom helping out hey mom I got the wheels covered going around to
the back we even took off the wheel that was there and we were putting tape on
everything we don’t want to get paint on we got Steven up on the ladder
cuz he’s doing the front of the car it’s almost done
whoa this is looking good and once it’s done shares then we can start painting
whoa it’s looking good Liz looks like we’re done oh this is awesome
time to start painting let’s do this let’s open our first can of paint and
see what color it is whoa this was like a dark grey this is cool
so shares before we paint the final color on the car we had to start with
the base coat so the base coat is going to be this crazy gray looking color we
got it all mixed up now we just got to pour it into this paint sprayer and get
it going alright let’s pour it in Oh too much
there we go okay perfect there we go we got our first amount of Plasti Dip
inside this container now we just got to spray it on I got all my spread you’re
on let’s get painting pushers I sound like Darth Vader at this mask on
what I want it sound like hi I think that’s too big for you that looks funny
Jerez this is not gonna be the final color but let’s get spraying stephen is
now painting the next coat look at this thing it’s coming out it’s so good whoa
look at that yeah well this is your card it’s cooking totally different this is
awesome I think it’s totally like it’s called gunmetal gray that’s just a base
coat and then we’re gonna put an awesome color on top we have no idea what color
it is yet you gotta wait for the surprise
oh yeah share as I did pretty good check it out car is looking good liz is now up
let’s do this Liz this is about the spray your own car Liz’s first time ever
trying to dip your car Cera’s check it out the Jeep looks so
good list it looks so good no I can’t believe how good it looks maybe we’ll
keep it great oh you want to keep it great
no go sorry I had this mask on sure it looks so good Carter Liz and I have been
spraying this it’s looking really good it’s starting to like basically be
completely even we’re going to add a light so we’re setting up these lights
now we got one more coat of gray to do and then we’ll start doing the actual
color I can’t wait to find out what color it’s gonna be last coat of gray
shares we’re almost there it’s full teamwork I’m holding the hose party
spraying Matt holding the light and let’s blowing the camera oh yeah we got the final base coat of the Jeep
it’s all done let’s check it out what’s awesome it’s so good but it’s dark now
and I can’t keep painting because it’s getting too cold so we have to wait till
tomorrow so we’ll see you there in three whew
oh yeah sure as we are back today we got Carter Matt over there mixing up the
paint color you ready to see what color it is
so shares check it out this is the base coat that we did on the Jeep to get it
all ready to be painted nice and grey check it out oh yeah looking good right
really cool color it’s called gunmetal grey it looks so good it makes the Jeep
look like an army jeep I think it looks so incredible and the next color we’re
going to put on top for the final color is going to look totally insane check it
out shares this is the paint right here but it’s not mixed yet Matt go ahead and
mix it up what are we adding more color we’re gonna add these like sparkles to
make it like shine it’s gonna be awesome yeah sure that’s not the final color yet
because we’re gonna add glitter sparkles to the paint because you know Liz loves
the glitter if you’re wondering why Liz’s not here today is because we want
to make it a surprise for her so she got to work on her car she got to paint it
this awesome gunmetal gray but to do the final paint coat card and I are gonna do
it so we can surprise her with the real color she doesn’t even know it’s gonna
be blue it’s gonna be a total surprise to shares get ready let’s do this let’s
dump the paint in three two one go that is awesome
check it out shares this is the glitter Sparkle that we’re gonna add to the
paint it’s like a greenish blue teal color and it shines whoa it’s like it’s
literally glitter yeah it kind of looks like sugar sugar this is gonna be so
cool all right now let’s turn it all let’s do
this oh yeah test spray on the cardboard oh that looks so good okay
we did the test Brown the cardboard now we’re moving to the car let’s start
spraying oh yeah whoo this is gonna look so good so shares everything’s looking pretty
good the car is really coming along running into two issues right now it’s
it’s getting dark and – as it gets dark the moisture sets in and this Plasti Dip
+ moisture does not work so we’re working against the clock right now
but it’s looking really good I can’t wait for this Jeep to be done Shara
smash like button for Carter because he is doing such a good job at spraying
this thing oh yeah does that mean we’re done
oh yeah we’re done painting oh yeah sure as the paint is almost dry then we got
to put the Jeep back together and show it to Liz oh she’s gonna love it this
color is so awesome I can’t wait to see what it looks like during the day it’s
gonna be all sparkly and all glittery who shares the Jeep is looking awesome
liz is going to love it we’re gonna need some sunlight in order to show her yeah
let’s turn that Sun back on in three two one whoa whoa the Jeep is done finally
everything’s peeled off the Jeep was ready to go this time supreme and it
looks awesome I think she’s gonna love it let’s go find her oh you ready to see
a big surprise it’s done is that your first from the music video oh yeah share
the love all right we’re about to share the love again because we got your car
all done yeah let’s go let’s go the color looks amazing let’s go yeah okay
close your eyes let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go over here yeah we’re almost
there keep going a little closer okay stop with my eye open don’t open yet who
looks so excited to show Liz on the count of three we’re gonna have her over
Iza ready Lizzy you ready yeah all right I’m ready
shares are you ready for this oh yeah it’s gonna be crazy
chairs what no don’t be Sheriff smash the like button right now because this
color is totally awesome all right and as you ready okay here we go in three
two one you like it I know I love how it turned out I think it turned out so good
yeah look at it it’s completely blew all over from head to toe even the
roof is blue I think it turned out amazing yes special shout out to Matt
for helping us out and dip your car for hooking us up look at that sticker isn’t
that so cool well what are you waiting for let’s go drive it oh yeah you still
remember how to drive this thing let’s do it come on hop in
oh yeah I’m gonna go for a ride too Oh baby are you looking to come in yeah he
wants to go here he is oh yeah hey wait what about me Steve we’re operating at Liz’s new Jeep look
how good this looks I love the color it looks so awesome Wow watch out for the
pun hey you forgot me whoa whoa you guys are driving so fast Carter you can go
this she’s crazy at off-roading Oh mom so let’s show her what seriously thinks
good idea hey mom check it out here’s the Jeep have you seen it yet I know so cool love it it’s baby blue
color look how awesome that is yeah sure is this is so cool now we have
a blue Jeep and a green Jeep oh yeah you got a vote for which color you like the
best green Jeep blue Jeep green Jeep blue Jeep shares they look so good
together this is awesome hey Carter you wanna go for a ride
oh yeah let’s go oh good luck good luck well sure is there you have it we
changed Liz’s car color completely and it looks so good
major shout out to dip your car for hooking us up with all this stuff shout
out to Carter Liz Matt my mom everybody for helping out paint this car it looks
totally epic oh yeah sure till next time you know what to do stay awesome and
share the love, peace!