Solution for Ignition key won’t turn/stuck (Most vehicles that use a key)

So here’s the situation. You are parked in
a parking lot somewhere, you go out to your car and this could be any car with an ignition
key. You put the key in. You go to turn it, and it WILL NOT turn! Even if you step on
the brake, nothing happens. So the first thing I would like you to do, is put your foot on
the brake, put your key in the ignition. Make sure your shifter is in PARK! Take your steering
wheel, and push it in one direction and try to turn the key. If your key does not turn,
then try to turn your steering wheel in the other direction until it moves. Now try to
turn the key… That’s it! The steering wheel lock was stuck against the mechanism for your
key. That’s it! Now you can drive