So You Want to Bag Your Car

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it’s the future. It’s the thing. The thing that all the cool kids, not me, that are doing. But it’s like, the stuff. And it is just the best, you can even argue that it systematically makes absolutely everything
look fan, look better. Minivans, not a problem, right? Mini Coopers, looks like
a trendy toaster now. Big, old German cars that look like a wet piece of cardboard, not anymore bud, because it’s slammed on the ground, and looks classy. I’m Alex, Alex set of Fi in the IG, and today we’re going to be talking about, so you wanting to bag your car. (funky music) Bags are for groceries. That’s too easy bro, you need to struggle to get the fitment that you want. You ain’t really about that lowlife if you’re on air. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be like a, skateboarder from the 70s, or what sort of voice I
was trying to sound like, either way, not really any good. Bagging your car, and for the sake of sounding
somewhat like an adult, installing air suspension, has been an extremely common topic in the interwebs these days. Everything from mini-vans to all-off meta car builds, have been introduced to air suspension, and it usually results in people absolutely just (bleep) lovin’ it, like a (kisses) like a warm
Cinnabon on a Saturday morning with your coffee. Like installing air
suspension for your car has been a thing for a while, originating all the way back to the 1950s, which we talked about in a
previous history episode. Air Lift Suspension was installing air suspension cups all
the way back in the day, by patenting a rubber air spring that was inserted into the
cars factory coil spring. The air spring would then expand and essentially prevent the OEM spring from ever compressing completely. And while there were others
out there before Air Lift, they were the ones that really kind of coined the technology and pushed it into the automotive scene. Air suspension setups would then be used to prevent squatting
during circle track racing, drag racing, and everything in between. It worked so well that Air Lift even used it to
sell at the drag strip, and install it for people, as long as the put a nice
little itsy-bitsy logo over there in the back
fender of their car, so that they could get
pictures back in the day. ‘Cause they knew marketing. Over time, air suspension would leak into all facets of the automotive community. City buses would have the
(imitates air release) trailers, hell yeah bud. They could have the
(imitates air release) too. Semis, guess what they could do? (imitates air release) Building foundation supports, the works, yep, they could also, well not really do (imitates air release) but they could, like they did the thing, I would imagine seeing like, a sky scraper lowering out, (air releasing) it’d probably be the tightest thing ever. The technology was pretty versatile and worked for pretty much everything. As the 70s came around, air suspension pivoted, and moved from strictly function to like a looky-looky thing. Lowriders would start
playing around with it, and the air strut systems, in comparison to the normal hydro setups. Because of the 70s lowriders, and the 90s mini-truck scene, they single-handedly were probably one of the most influential reasons that air suspension is as
popular as it is today. Just sayin’, next time you
see a slammed S-10 owner, just give the man a hug. Air suspension would take a sideline due to it’s cost for a while until the market
eventually began to expand past the the one to two companies that offered kits in the past. AccuAir, D2, UAS, and Air Lift, would begin competing
in all the same space as the only Highlander, and they’re still doing it to this day. So you want to bag your car. Put the old groceries in the struts, all right, so let’s, but let’s just, we’ll get into it, okay? Bagging your car in the simplest of forms, is probably one of the
most beautiful things you can do to your car without having to do anything else. And I’m not even joking, seriously, stock cars on air, even with the massively tucked setup, inherently, probably the second-most beautiful thing in the world. And it looks so much better. Like, look at a Ferrari
slammed on the ground. Look at a Bus on the ground. A van on the ground. That paired, you know you
get some whizzin’ tires paired with your air suspension, dial in your fitment, you’re ready to rock and roll, son. You’re ready for all the car shows. And you can dial in your
fitment a lot easier. Air suspension at the start, is quite a convaluded thing to get into, though it’s not necessarily the simplest, not a lowering spring, and here’s why, air suspension has multiple components that makes the whole
thing run as intended. You have your air struts, you have your lines, management system, ECU,
which is the brain. Wiring harness, height sensors
if you get that kind of kit, and a few other goodies, like, I don’t know, a tank. All of these parts work interchangeably to allow your car to go up and to go down. If you don’t care about routing things nicely or cleanly, then air suspension is super-easy. However, we don’t want your car to look like a burnt toaster oven that just exploded, and that’s what happens when
you don’t tuck your wires. To start it off at the top it’s important to know what
your setup is going to be, like in terms of an overall setup look. All right, are you gonna be
running your tank in the back? the frunk, maybe the
behind the front seats? From there you wanna get a mock-up of what your wiring is gonna
run throughout your car, where the line’s going to go, all that sorta good stuff, because if you don’t think about that it’s gonna be a hot mess. But don’t be nervous, because if you do it the
right way the first time, it’ll run like a dream. Once you figure out where
it’s all going to run, it’s time to disassemble your car to make it all run where you would like it to go without you actually seeing it. But here are just a few pro tips if you are looking for a couple from. Don’t force your air
lines into tight spaces, they will pinch, and inevitably your bags won’t inflate as fast as it needs to, and you’ll have some weird
kind of funky (bleep) goin’ on with your car as you try to be cool in the parking lot. Test that everything works before you completely reassemble your car. It’s very important that you test things before you just tuck
everything back together again. You’d be very surprised
at some of the simple mistakes you’re gonna make
the first time you do it. Don’t forget to re-torque your struts, and there’s foot-pounds, no duggas. Don’t do duggas. Alignment is crucial, post-installation, otherwise you’re not going
to enjoy it that much, and you’re gonna eat through tires. Air suspension, too, is a continuous maintenance thing, not a one-time done sorta deal, like lowering springs or coilovers, because there’s just more to ’em. Air suspension kits are now made for practically everything. The difficulty in finally
pulling the trigger for people like you and people like me when it comes down to bagging your car, is the insane amount of options and companies that all offer somewhat of the same thing. Here’s a power-hour offer of information without getting you into the nitty-gritty, in case you’re wondering
what the differences are. Air Lift Suspension was
one of the first companies and coined a lot of
the air suspension kits you see out there to this day. They have a multitude of kits. You have pressure-based systems that are gonna be based
on how much pressure is each air bag in each
corner of your car. You have a height-based system as well. The height-based system, instead of looking at the
pressure of air in your bags, looks at the actual height
of your car to the ground. This is actually going to
be a little bit different, a lot of time height sensors
are more sophisticated, but as a result you have a
more dynamic ride quality. A lot of times, with height sensors though, it can be a bit tricky and it’s usually more expensive. They even introduced a 3S kit, which is their entry
level air suspension kit, which instead of using
a normal controller, you can actually just use your phone, because you’re a trendy kid, right? You got the iPhone XS maxed, you can put that baby right
in the center console, don’t even have to worry
about a controller, it’s nifty, that’s what it is. AccuAir, on the other hand, specializes predominantly
in air management solutions, versus just full kits, even though they do have kits available. AccuAir has some pretty
incredible stuff, too, in their pocket, but their biggest differences are between their normal companies, it’s that they have always been about the height sensor game, and they don’t even actually believe in the pressure talk, since pressure doesn’t actually have anything to do with
overall ride height. They also have a fancy as
(bleep) ENDO-CVT system, the CVT, which stands for
compressor valve tank, is an all-in-one system
that massively cleans up the overall air suspension kit that would be in your trunk. It’s a bit more pricey, all right, but it’s a bit more cool, and actually when you consider it versus the independent
parts that you’d buy, it’s actually just as affordable, if not cheaper. AccuAir partners with other
companies to offer struts, but doing full kits just isn’t their overall thing just yet. When we went to visit AccuAir, we saw just how gnarly the tech is that AccuAir uses, and it’s pretty much the bee’s knees. And they’re one of the ones that a lot of people
think of when you look at the highest-end that you can get for air management solutions. You have other companies like UAS, or Universal Air Suspension, or D2 that are also involved
in the air suspension game, that provide air suspension kits for all those off meta-style
air suspension kits. If you get something that’s not common, you probably find yourself looking at a UAS or D2 kit, I promise. (air whooshing)
So you want to bag your car? Well I have two to four questions for you. One, do you have potentially three to four thousand dollars? That’s a toughie. Are you willing to take a few risks and work with, (scoffing) dare I say, electrical? Are you ready to really be that cool? If you answered yes, then bagging your car is probably for you. It’ is a little pricey, it is a little funky, but it’s honestly one of the most popular things that people are doing right now to their car if they’re
looking for something that spruces up how it looks. It actually has some functionality, it allows you to drive your car instead of being slammed on the ground and crying when your oil pan freezes off. Or falls off. Maybe not freezes. I don’t know, winter’s coming, it’s on my mind. And I’m sorry. The electrical can be scary, but companies like AccuAir
and Air Lift Performance have made it insanely simple to do with color manual instructions and massive print-off forms that make it about as stupid-proof as you could possibly get. Air suspension allows
people the same versatility that coilovers do, with function and all
that sorta good stuff, you can pretty much do just
about everything, you know? But it does also offer some stuff that coilovers don’t. Such as dynamic drive height, slammed stance when you want it, you know, it allows to more easily
dial in their fitment. It can be a bit pricey, but it’s, you know, you pan to play. You just, that’s just kinda how it goes with air suspension systems. At least for right now. And if you do it right the first time, even if it is a little bit scary, and you follow the instructions, you will be golden, skipper, I promise. So what do you think about air suspension? Drop a comment below and
let us know your thoughts. And if you’re looking for
air suspension or not, be sure to check out, because we have Air Lift and AccuAir, yeah, all that sort of good stuff. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, let us know also in the
comment section, of course, what you’d like us to talk about next, otherwise I’m gonna run
outta things to talk about. We will see you guys later, peace. (funky music)