Small towns harbor the best barn finds | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 62 (Part 3/4)

(energetic rock music) – We built this car from a
shell that was ready for the, literally for the scrap
heap, and we’re driving it, gonna drive it probably six or seven hundred miles into Kansas. Then we’re gonna donate it to a good cause and you’ll be along for the ride. (energetic rock music) Hi we’ve been doing this
program now for four years and we’ve yet to find a Judge. Tell me this is not a real Judge. – It’s a real Judge. – It’s a real Judge. – Yep.
– Holy crap! All right so this building
looks pretty appetizing here. – Yeah, you’re not gonna believe this one. (energetic rock music) (garage door opening) – All right we gotta go now boys. Holy mackerel! (serene electronic music) – Well it’d be a shame to
be in Amarillo, Texas and not look at some of the most
famous barn finds in the world. That’s Cadillac Ranch and
those are vintage Cadillacs, stuck nose first in the ground and it’s an artistic
installation, where people are encouraged to bring spray cans and spray their own paint
scheme on those cars so the paint is about an inch thick. It’s, it’s like an automotive
version of Stonehenge. (relaxed electronic music) Where to go? So we’re up here on the Panhandle. Amarillo, uh, so if we take
87, continue on the same road. We’re on 287 and 87, we’ll be into Oklahoma
probably in, how long? Let’s say two hours we’ll be in Oklahoma and maybe we’ll find some old
metal between here and there. (car engine starts) (relaxed electro music) It’s day two of our, Texas road trip. And, uh, yesterday, I mean
we didn’t leave early, we left late, it was a Sunday. We’ve put a lot of miles on
this car 300 hundred miles, trouble free and we found a
couple of amazing barn finds so. Today it’s overcast, it’s cold. Yesterday was hot. It’s windy but we’re hoping
for the same success today. (mellow electronic music) (radio switching stations) (relaxed electric guitar music) (car engine running) The garage. Boy, somebody did a nice
job working on that– (guitar music drowns out speaker) Let’s cross here. Those, Ford truck and Chevy truck. (car engine revving) Okay, well we found an
old car at a repair shop. And uh, obviously the owners are probably enthusiasts cause they have
a hot couple pickups here. So we’re gonna find out
about that ’59 Chevy. Your name is Roy. – Roy.
– Roy Taylor, Roy. – Yes, Roy Taylor. – And Josh is your son? – Yes. – Nice, okay.
– T & T Automotive. – Okay, well we just happened
to be cruising up and down roads and boing! I, I saw a ’59 Chevy over there. I said okay there’s an old car. Uh, so let’s go, let’s go
take a look at that car. So this is a, and a two
door, hard top and power, this is uh.
– Yes. – It looks short, why does it look short? – [Roy] It’s not the short
one, it’s the long one. – [Tom] Yeah, yeah, yeah. So ’59, how long have you had this car? – I’ve had this car for seven years. – Uh-huh. – I intend to put a Chevrolet, 2002, 5.3 in it to give a little.
– LS? – No not an LS, just give a
– No? – [Roy] little modern, fuel injected run. – [Tom] Mhmm and does it have a motor now? – [Roy] Yeah, it’s got a 348. – A 348 no kidding!
– Yeah. – [Tom] Well that’s a pretty rare baby. – [Roy] Well that’s what they say. It still runs. – [Tom] You don’t wanna
keep the 348 in here? – [Roy] I’m debating on it, I
really don’t know what to do. – [Tom] That’s like the
baby brother to a 409. – Yes.
– Isn’t that something. And it still runs? – [Roy] Yeah. – [Tom] Wow, can you start up right now? – [Roy] I wouldn’t start
up now, I gotta put, this is my gas can, that I run it off. – [Tom] Yup, Yup, Yup. – [Roy] I didn’t wanna run
through the old factory tank. – [Tom] Yup. – [Roy] So I just got that
in there, just to get it back and forth and around
– Did you buy this car locally? – It was in a town called Goodwell, just ten miles west of here. It had been in a, in a
field for about 14 years. Out in the wide open and
my friend called me and he wanted to know if I wanted to buy it. Told him yeah I’ll take it. – [Tom] So this car was originally green? – [Roy] Yeah sea foam green. – Alright so Oklahoma. Looks like maybe ’84 maybe, 1984. – Did you get a title with it?
– Yeah. – I did.
– Oh wow, you’re lucky. How long you was figure
it was sitting in a field? – [Roy] I would say 15
years, out in the open. – That’s a shame.
– Yeah. – [Tom] That’s a shame, wow. – [Roy] I got it, it survived a hailstorm. The only dent it got was
the windshield over there. – [Tom] Yeah I saw that. So in other words, this
went through a hailstorm? – [Roy] Yeah, you can’t
even tell that it got hit. – I think they mad better metal back then. – [Roy] It’s very solid. – Man!
– Very good car. – Yeah. So it’s the automatic, you
gonna keep it automatic? – [Roy] Yes, I want a luxury ride I guess. – [Tom] Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a sweetheart right there, we don’t find many of these. – [Roy] Yeah, it’s gonna be fun. – Yup, wow.
– It’s a boat. (car hood slamming) – Roy thank you so
– I can show you the ’50 and the ’64, it’s in the shop. – Oh, it’s here? – Mhmm.
– Oh, let’s take a look at it, okay. – Let’s go in.
– See, one leads to another. Oh look at this a Skweech. – You shoulda let me air
up the tire on this one. – Nah, I like it like that, that’s real. Whoop, two door hardtop, that’s okay. How long have you had this one? – [Roy] Two door hardtop. I’ve had this one about 25 years. – So this is a driver? – Yeah. – Mhmm. Oh, it’s got a four-speed in it. – [Roy] Yeah, four on the floor. – [Tom] Four, so is this a 327? – [Roy] It had the 327 in
it, I took it out and put a 350 Corvette motor in it. – So is this a local car,
you bought it locally? – Yes. It came from Kansas,
but a guy, the guy that bought it in Kansas lives here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– And I bought it from him. – And so how did you
find out about this car? I’m always curious about that. – Well he’s a body shop guy and he was gonna fix it up himself
and he ran outta time, so luckily he sold it to me. – Yup, so you drive this
but not very often I bet. – Yeah.
– Oh do you? Huh, was it a factory four-speed car? – Yes.
– Really? – Four on the floor with
Posi Track rear end. – From the factory. – Mhmm
– Man! What did you pay 25 years ago? – $1500.
– Wow! – [Roy] The same, same
with that one, 1500 bucks. – [Tom] Can I sit in it? – [Roy] Sure, it was originally blue. – It was blue really?
– Mhmm. – Can’t see the first digit,
maybe 67000, that sound right? – I’d say that’s about right. – 67000 miles, so it’s
got a Muncie 4-speed. So the tack is down here and
you got two accessory gauges. Do you still have the radio? – No I don’t.
– Did you have this redone? – [Roy] No, it’s a reproduction. – [Tom] Now that’s a nice car. – It’s getting there.
– Yup. – [Roy] I’ve had fun with it. – So is this a, a stock engine? – No.
– You modified it? – I did. – [Tom] ’64, this is the first year CHEVL. – [Roy] Right. (hood opening drowns out speaker) – [Roy] Malibu. – [Tom] Huh, so, what, tell me what you’ve done to the motor. – Boarded 30 over, got
some uh, flat top pistons, roller rockers and that’s been
about probably 20 years ago. I just drive this one for fun. – Roy, I know we’ve popped
in in the middle of the day, probably took you away from a tune up. – That’s okay. – Thanks so much for letting us come here
– You bet. Glad to be here. (energetic rock music) (train horn blowing) (car engine revving) – You know this is the
craziest thing about barn find hunting. We went to a repair shop over
on the other side of town. And he’s scratching his
head, scratching his head, uh I don’t, “I can’t think of any old
cars around, I really can’t.” He said, “But probably an hour after
you leave, I’ll think of it.” So we leave and ten minutes
later he calls, he says, “I forgot all about it, I got
an old Pontiac in my building! “Come on back I think you’ll like it.” This could of been like, you know, a scene from half a century ago. (car engine idling) Okay, let’s take a look what
this Pontiac looks like. (car door slamming) We’re back. You didn’t have to go very
far to think about a car huh? It’s like.
– No, I went back there and dumped that oil out and I said, “Well there’s one.” I’d forgot all about that one.
– It’s funny how they sneak up on you. – Well it’s been there so long I thought.
– So your name is? – Clinton. – Clinton? That’s your first name? – Mhmm.
– Clinton. Well I’m Tom, that’s my first name. – Tom nice to meet you. – And uh, so we were here an hour ago. Left cause Clinton
couldn’t think of a car, he said you’re gonna leave
and I’m gonna think of one and we get a mile away, we find
out Clinton’s got a car here. So let’s see what you got back here. Oh, look at this. – This is a ’40 – ’49 maybe? ’48? – ’48 I think.
– Man. – [Clinton] Pontiac straight-8. – [Tom] What a sweet body style. – [Clinton] It kinda makes you think of Bonnie and Clyde, don’t it? – [Tom] Man, so it’s
got ’56 plates on there. Is that the last time it was on a road. – [Clinton] Last time it was on the road. – [Tom] Holy mackerel! And has it been sitting
indoors ever since? – [Clinton] It has been here at least 15 years that I know of. – [Tom] Man, so this is your
shop, you rent it and this. – [Clinton] And this
belongs to the owner, yeah. – [Tom] Of this, oh really? The landlord?
– Yeah – I mean look at how complete this car is. Old trims on there, hubcaps. So that sides’ been
clobbered a little bit but this side’s clean. – Still has the hood ornament. – Silver.
– Streak. – [Tom] Streak, look at the sun visor, this was a loaded car. Two tone paint job, eight cylinder motor, deluxe hubcaps and so did
he buy it new or what? Do you know? – [Clinton] As far as I know
it belonged to his mother. Now the owner is
– Wow. – 90 some years old.
– Your landlord is? – [Clinton] Yeah. So, it’s quite possible. – That they bought it new.
– That they bought it new. – [Tom] Look at the paint
inside the door jams. You can see the color that this once was. That’s uh, wow. Do you have any compound and a rag? No, I’m only kidding. – I got a whole bunch back there, how much you need, I can
call the parts store. (laughing) – So look at this has got, I mean, everything is deluxe on this car. Big radio, big clock. I’m trying
to see the mileage on here. It’s seven-something, so I’d say 70 something thousand miles. – [Clinton] That would be a lot of miles for this model of car. – [Tom] So this would be
60, let’s say it’s a ’49. It’d be 70 years old, right now. Man. (car door slamming) And there’s this such a sweet
design at the back here. And those old great old
hot road taillights. – Chrome.
– All the 32-fours put those taillights on their cars. That’s a big old trunk. You could hide a lot of
people going to the movies, drive-in movies in there. – [Clinton] Yeah, you sure could. – [Tom] So this car has been here since you’ve rented the shop? – [Clinton] Since I’ve been
in the shop, since I went to work for him in 2005, this car was here. – [Tom] Do you think it’s for sale. – [Clinton] There’ve been
several people to ask and he’s asked me to get it running. – [Tom] I bet it wouldn’t take much. – [Clinton] Might not
but it’d take some time. – Yeah, you know it would
be a great thing to do, it’s too bad this fender’s crashed up but if you were able to take
these dents outta here, you could clean this car up the way it is. You know that wagon we’re driving. Kinda looked like this. It could be cleaned up pretty darn nice. This would be a hard thing
to match though paint wise. – It uh, but the metal
in these old cars is a lot easier to bring back to life. (knocking car roof) – Yeah this is metal this is. – [Clinton] But I understand
those straight-8s were just about a smooth engine running. – [Tom] Yup. – [Clinton] And I don’t know
that I’ve ever heard one run so I should probably oughta get
around to get this one going. – [Tom] I pray that nobody
hot rods this thing, you know. Somebody paid a lot of money for this car. – [Clinton] You know I don’t think these actually come out with
whitewall tires on ’em. I think they were blackwall tires right there.
– Yeah, probably yeah. That’s pretty cool. Well thank you sir. – The Silver-8-Streak.
– Whew, man. (energetic rock music) So we found cars in Oklahoma. One more state checked off. We’re heading towards Liberal Kansas right
now, we’re 20 miles away. Probably stay there tonight
and start looking for cars in Kansas tomorrow. We’ll see you in the next episode, with cars in Kansas. (energetic rock music)