Sion – An Electric Car for Everyone | Sono Motors

hi I’m Laurin and in munich in a cozy
apartment with my roommate Navina hi I’m Jona I also live in Munich. I’ve been Laurin´s
best friends since 1st grade. Over the past three years, we have been planning testing and building a pre-prototype of
an electric vehicle called SION. The cool thing about SION is, that it
has solar panels on the entire body. So the Sun recharges the battery during
the day. Even if it’s cloudy We use polycarbonate to protect the
solar cells. Polycarbonate has the advantage of been unbreakable and
scratch resistant. And it’s even lighter than glass. With the total area of 7.5
square meters, solar cells recharge the battery up to
30 kilometers a day. Additionally to the normal range. This
car is perfect for commuter, who drives every single day to his work, and in the
evening back home. Or for a camping lover: Because the SION
supports bi-directional charging. So you can plug in all your electronic devices
you have. Just imagined: you have electricity wherever you are. No worries about the range no worries
about the costs. Or even just for you every day work. The SION provides you
working tools with the power output of up to 2 kW Another useful feature is our system
called reSono. It guarantees cheap maintenance costs due to very cheap
spare parts. Online you can get solutions, download 3d data or just order the part
which needs to be fixed and get it delivered to your home by a parcel
service. Finally unbox and exchange the damaged part within easy to use
instruction manual and video tutorials. However, this doesn’t mean you have to
repair the SION on your own. Because everyone has access to this repair
manual, it will guarantee you a dependable
service network from the beginning with small business and brand independent car
repair shops all over the world. For the interior we developed a system called breSono.
The special thing about it: we use a certain moss. It is integrated
into the vence and acts as a natural air filter using electromagnetic charge. This
Moss filters out pollution like fine dust produced by the industry and combustion
engines. It really requires no care since this plant draws its water from the
air it is also sound proving and assigned in
the fire protection class b1. And the best thing is: We offer two different models at a prize
of: model Extender for 16.000€ with range of 250 km and
model Urban for 12.000€ with range of 120km. We started to build this car 4 years
ago in our little garage with a lot of passion and only one aim: to safety
environment. It’s not just about the carbon dioxide
and nitrous oxide coming out of your exhaust. It’s about the gas flaring worldwide,
while extracting oil, where gas gets burned 24/7 rather than getting used. Every year 400 million tons of carbon emissions are flaired into the atmosphere. Accounting for roughly one percent of
global carbon emissions. That’s as much, as all cars in the UK,
France and Germany emit together. Its about the the big companies polluting our earth
without significant consequences It’s about you and me being dependent
on oil in everyday situations. We want to see some changes but you can’t do it without you. You can support us with the non-binding
pre-order of the SION priced at 100€ With the money of this crowdfunding
campaign, we will produce several production-ready prototypes. So that
every supporter can test drive the SION in early 2017. After the test drive, each donor has a
choice to purchase the SION. This presale strategy enables us the production of the
SION in large quantities So, let’s build this car for all of us
to see some changes.