Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes – Blend Area Refinishing

[music] When blending a panel, the blending area must
be thoroughly clean using an appropriate surface cleaner. Once a surface is clean, use eight hundred
grit sandpaper to sand the entire blend area and a gray nylon scuff pad to scuff remaining
unsanded areas. Once you have completed sanding and scuffing
the blend panel, clean the surface again with an appropriate surface cleaner. Apply one wet coat of transparent basecoat
blender over your entire blend panel. Make sure to adjust your spray pressure per
recommendations and check your pattern prior to application. Apply Ultra 7000 basecoat with RHF reducer. Allow the Ultra 7000 basecoat to flash 6 to
8 minutes, checking your basecoat in an inconspicuous spot using the quarter finger turn method
to ensure it is dry. Note that as the basecoat dries, the appearance
will turn into a uniformed dull finish. Once you have obtained full coverage, apply
a low pressure drop coat to even out metallic in mica colors and the blend transition area. Wait for the basecoat to flash 10 to 20 minutes
prior to clear coating. Apply one of the premium clearcoats following
all mixing and application recommendations found in the product datasheet. Don’t forget to check out our other videos
for more information on best demonstrated practices. [music]