See what UWindsor Engineering students are saying

>>Given the size of the
engineering program here at Windsor, it really allows
us to get to know the students and to understand how
students learn differently, and also what their
interests are. So if we can help
facilitate, you know, them doing some undergraduate
research projects in an area that will help them to
really boost their degree and their learning in different
areas of their program, that help to showcase
their different abilities and develop their
resumes in such a way that when they leave the program
and they are looking for work, that our graduates are very
competitive on a global scale.>>It’s really good to be able
to have that extra resource of going to a professional that
is on the campus and figuring out whatever it is that
you need help with. So it is really — I
was really impressed. Certain professors, even
just in their classroom, you could tell — you could
tell they were really passionate about what they were —
what they were lecturing on. And that — that helped a
lot of the students carry on that passion and be
a lot more passionate about what it is
they are learning.>>Because it is smaller, there
seems to be more opportunities for the average students. So my marks were
not A plus plus. You know? It was just —
it was really just average, and yet I was still
able to go overseas. I started a co-op in China and
then from there I spent a year in Germany, and I finally did
one last co-op term in the U.S.>>I did that last year
from September to September, and that was honestly one of the most incredible things
I have ever done in my life. It taught me not only
about engineering, but I learned to speak German. You take a German class
two times per week and just the experience of
being overseas and living in another culture for a year,
I mean, that’s taught me so much that I never would
have learned this — anywhere else, just
being in Windsor. So, that, alone, was enough to,
you know, make me super excited about being able to come
to school here and getting that opportunity that I
don’t know if you have that opportunity anywhere else.>>My very first week of
engineering was brought to me by the Engineering
Student Society as a frosh. We had an entire week
of events planned to get to know our students, get
to know our faculty and get to know our peer mentors
that were in higher years. So I think the fact that we have so many different
student groups, like the Engineering Student
Society, Women in Engineering, the different capstone
teams makes the community so much more welcoming and
makes school a little bit more about the entire package, rather
than just completely academic.>>This facility
has enough space that researchers can work
together and with their students on various sizes of equipment. We work with vehicles and
machinery that allow us to really investigate a
lot of the technologies that we are interested in
in their In situ state. So, for instance, you know, if we need to know exactly how
full a vehicle is behaving based on, you know, specific
components as we are researching them,
you don’t just have the ability to look at those components, but
also the full assembly and how that all works together.>>And I got to know a lot
of professors through them as well, through that as well. And they are pretty —
they are really helpful. Like, they help you
with whatever you need. If you are struggling with a
course, if you are struggling with something, they tell you
what to do or like take it easy or they pay more attention
to this something or that. They guide you properly
and very well.>>This is really cool because
being able to do what we learn in class outside is a huge
part of engineering in itself, and I know it is one of —
one of a few programs that has that opportunity at the
undergraduate level. And being able to do the
research here in the lab and go out and do it in the field is
such an invaluable attribute to have as a student
because you are able to go out into the workforce and be
successful right out of school, rather than having to learn how to do everything out
in the workforce. [ Music ]