See Through Engine (S1 • E3) Different Fuels [WD-40 -Acetone -Stoichiometric Gas ] 4K

See Through Engine Part 3, Various Fuels and Stoichiometric How much can That Engine take?. Cooking the head. Looks good. Couple more minutes. Can we wash this now please?. What’s that for?. for see through engine. Welcome back welcome back welcome back to
warped perception. This is part 3 of our see through engine video. If you haven’t seen the other two parts. Go back and watch them. They are really good. Now this particular episode. I was really excited about. Because this is where I was going to. Blow this engine up into pieces. But unfortunately. I succumb to all of our viewer requests. Four different fuels. So we’re going to film. This one last episode period before we blow
this whole thing up. And in this episode. I’m trying to remember the different fuels
they requested. But. What else can we burn?. Now I have all of my fuels together. But. The next problem that I’m facing. How am I going to get these fuels. Into the engine. Without jumping it in the carburetor. Like I did before. Whoa. That everybody complained about. But I had a good idea. What I’m going to do this. Yeah I know what I’m going to do. Where is my tubing at. Do you want to take the tubing back?. Here. This is my idea right here. A piece of vinyl tubing for our fuel line. And this is going to double as a reservoir. For our fuel. And this is going to allow us to fill this
up. Dump it out. And run all of our fuels. or Anything we want. Through the carburetor. And not dump it in the carburetor. Wow look at that. Look inside there. Well almost. Let me start it up again. Look you can see the fuel going down. Look inside the cylinder. Wow I want to blow this up the first
fuel we are going to go with. Is I guess the safest fuel. Good old-fashioned gasoline. The difference is. From the last time we ran it to now. Is that. I’ve actually ran this engine and adjusted
the mixture of the carburetor. To make it stoichiometric. Which in reality. No engine really runs a stoichiometric mix. It always varies depending on the load. But for this. I got in a stoichiometric as I could. As close to 14.7:1 as I could. Man that looked cool. So looks like maybe that valve or something
was leaking. It was leaking compression. Now it seems good. Yeah I thought it was damaged. But. Wow it actually heated up this head. Enough to bend it. The screws are now. Making indentations. Well it looks like our head is still in good
condition. After that run. And while the real-time footage. And the slow motion footage. Looked pretty cool. In my opinion. And really didn’t look any better. Than anything that I have shot previously. So what I want to do this time. I’m going to run this engine Full Throttle. While our air fuel ratio is still stoichiometric. And see how that looks. Before we move on to the next fuels. That may damage our head completely. Here we go Full Throttle. In three two one. Wide open throttle gasoline. 4000 frames per second. 8000 frames per second. That is the last of gasoline. That this engine is going to see. Until we blow it up.. I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. So for the next set of fuels. We’re taking this to the alley. I have the engine set up in the alley nice
and safe. Where I want it. This head. From the last Full Throttle run. Has sustained some damage. But I’m not going to do anything about that. Because I’m just way too excited. To blow this thing up in the next episode. So remember if there’s any fuels that you
want to see. Ran Through this engine. Don’t send the request in. And don’t comment below. Because it ain’t happening. After this episode. This thing is going to get blown up. And that’s the way it’s going to be. First one up is going to be carburetor cleaner. All right let’s fill this up. Start this bad boy up. wow thats kind of explosive Take the choke off. Alright so. I’m really surprised. To see that the head didn’t blow off. With the carburetor cleaner. Next is acetone. So it’s freezing outside. My nose is red. And I’m about to get this engine. Nice and warmed up with some nail polish remover. There we go. Ready to rock and roll. The thing actually ran. Well. It turns out that the acetone. Was extremely disappointing. You couldn’t even see the explosions. I thought this was at least going to give
us like. A nice Flame. Or some color or something. Nothing. You couldn’t even see it In the slow motion
footage. You can barely see it in the real-time footage. So that was a disappointment. And I have yet. Some more disappointing news for you. It turns out that I decided. Not to run nitromethane in this episode. After. Actually hearing the explosions. From running the carburetor cleaner. They were a lot more violent than gas. But don’t be too disappointed. Because I’m still going to burn the WD-40. And going against what I previously said. But I’m not going to do anything about that. I decided. To try to clean up the head. And to my surprise. It actually came out pretty clean. The acetone made the tubing all flimsy. I need to figure out a way. To get make this tubing stay in place. I’m going to prop this up. I smell something. Let me give it some more air. Oh oh oh. Look at that. Alright here we go. This time I opened up the mixture needle a
bit. So here goes the second try of this one. got the choke on. It won’t really Rev up. It won’t rev up. It will just stay idling slow. I don’t see any Flame. Oh that’s interesting. It’s running like a diesel now. Low RPM high torque. After messing around with this. We saw a bunch of smoke come out. I’m going to start it up and see if
we can get it to do it again. We didn’t have the cameras rolling. Ready?. Yeah hit it. All right now. I was just looking at the footage right now. And it looks like. I actually got it to burn. The WD-40. So what I did this time. Was I started it with starting fluid. And kind of help that out. Got it a little warmed up. And then I choked It Off. And adjusted the air-fuel mixture. And kind of played with the throttle. To get it to atomize the oil. And once I did that. It looked completely different. then anything else that I had filmed before. And I’ll show you that clip right now. And see what you think. But I think at this point. It was actually burning the oil. Because it had been running for a while. No ether no starting fluid. So yeah take a look. Well. I think that this should satisfy. Everybody’s need for alternate fuels. This is quite a lot of footage. We tried a lot of different fuels. And I’m really excited. Because the next episode after this. Is going to be blowing up this engine. And we’re filming that next. So that’ll be out really soon. Other than that. Don’t forget to like share and Subscribe. And don’t dislike this video because
I didn’t run nitromethane. Because that’s going to be in the next episode. I figured I would put that together. With the blowing the engine up episode. Because that could be the result of running
nitromethane. And cut.