San Diego Miramar College – Automotive Technology Program

>>MARK: My name is Mark Dinger. I work for San
Diego Miramar College in the automotive department. My role here is basically a Honda and Toyota instructor. Usually our main goal here is to get the students the
skills that are required in the work site, either at the dealership level or
the general automotive repair. If they’re interested in being certified by Toyota
or Honda they would join the Honda and Toyota program because they get factory
certification. When they enter the dealership they’re already, as Toyota
says, a Toyota Certified Technician.>>SAL: Hi I’m Sal, new to the auto program here at
Miramar College. So Miramar offers the T-Ten and the PACT. T-Ten is Toyota/Lexus and
then the PACT is Honda/Acura. And when you enter the program, you do pick,
you know, pretty much right away. Personally, I’m choosing the Toyota/Lexus
path.>>JAKE: I’m Jake, currently in the Miramar T-Ten program right now. Always wanted to open an engine up – like
open my own engine – like, figure out what’s wrong. I was always too scared because I didn’t –
I had to put it back together in the end. So, this program helps with that.>>MARK: Basically, the student is working on either cars or engines. They’re spending,
out of the six hours a day, they’re spending five hours working with their hands.>>SAL: Teachers are really nice and knowledgeable. When you need help, they’re right
there to help you. The facility is state-of-the-art, clean,
and organized. Honda and Toyota themselves, they actually donate cars for us
to work on so, it’s it’s pretty amazing actually.>>MARK: The motor companies realize
that the way students learn are by working on the cars that they’re going
to see at the dealership. In the General Automotive program, we help them get
certified in the ASE areas. It’s a written test that’s given nationally.>>JAKE: When you go to the dealership they look for ASE’s. It just tells them you’re certified
to work on that certain portion of the car. I’m definitely going to end up working on my own car, like, when it comes down to it, because you save a lot of money.>>SAL: I was actually prior Navy. I
was a mechanic for aircraft so just kinda naturally gravitated towards wanting to
become a mechanic. I just want to be able to provide for my
family and, you know, cars are going to be around for a while.>>JAKE: Come in every day,
take part in engine like, right now and work with my hands every day. That’s what I always want to do.