Roadtrip Nation: Changing Gears – Official Trailer

So this spring, I’m traveling
with two other students.>>A little over two weeks,
we’re gonna be living in a RV.>>With two people that I have
never met, but I know that they share a passion
that I have in cars and automobiles. We’re gonna be going to
a bunch of different places.>>And we’re gonna go talk to
people who work in the auto or
diesel industry. Kind of get some advice from
them.>>Ask them what they did with
their lives, and how they got there.>>[NOISE]
>>The automotive field is a
legitimate field with a lot of opportunity
and worthy of respect. The people in it
are incredibly intelligent and have to be to work on
today’s rocket ship cars. I mean, today’s cars have more
control modules than the first
space shuttle.>>[NOISE]
>>That car is insane.>>[SOUND]
>>If you’re interested in
mechanics right now, I will guarantee you that in another 40 years down the road, you’re still gonna be interested. You don’t outgrow it.>>People do it as a pastime and
I get to get paid for it.>>Actually, just happy to go to work every
day. I never thought it would be like
that.>>Some of these people
are living my dream. [LAUGH] And I’d like to know how
they got to where they’re at.>>Nice to meet you.>>I can remember taking bicycles apart and then motorcycles and then cars.>>From the moment I bought my
first car, I was just out in the driveway wrenching on it and trying to do stuff to it.>>[NOISE]
>>For every one thing that I
learned that worked, I’d do ten other things that failed, that broke, that caught on fire. So it was a hobby that got out of control, continued to feed my need for speed.>>When I found out that something like this was available to me, it was a dream. I wanted to fix cars and have
fun.>>I really want to figure
out what I wanna do next.>>You guys are the future, because you know those old-timers are not gonna be around forever. Whether you’re a sport import tuner guy, a American muscle car guy, a European sports car guy, or a truck off-road playing around in the dirt type of person. I think what connects all
true car enthusiasts together is the thrill of the drive,
the build, the chase. And I think we all speak
the same language. It doesn’t matter what you
drive. You share that same passion. [MUSIC]>>We’re pretty much gonna get
in an RV and go interview some
pretty crazy people.>>Kind of trying to find myself
a little bit more from this.>>Get insight on where
we’re gonna go from here. Cuz right now, I’m just kinda lost and we need guidance on where to go. Kinda like a GPS on what we
should do with our lives. [MUSIC]