Road Trip Car Wash Detail – Part 1 – How To Wash And Wax A Dirty Black Car – Chemical Guys

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Now a bunch of guys from the shop just came in
off the road from SEMA. They took this car on a road trip through the
Las Vegas desert and back… …and it’s disgusting. It’s really dirty on the outside, the wheels,
the inside is a wreck, so we’re gonna go through the steps for a
quick detail after a road trip. You’re probably going to encounter some bugs
on the front end, lots of dirt, maybe some rain stains and mud all over the vehicle, and tons of brake dust from driving all over and braking. So we’re going to wash the car using Black Light Soap. Black Light Soap gives you all that hybrid radiant finish
that you love about Black Light Glaze, but it gives it to you in a soap form. So you can wash your car for a slick touch
that’s not going to install any swirls or scratches. To shine up your car after a road trip
you might want to put an extra coat of wax on, I’m gonna use InstaWax. InstaWax is a liquid wax that blends a natural carnauba wax with a synthetic sealant. Just shake it up, spray it on the car, and that’s a full-blown wax coating that protects
the paint against UV sunlight, pollution, and enhance a beautiful warm wet carnauba shine for months on end. So to get started, I’ll wash the wheel with Black Light Soap
and Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel, then I’ll foam the paintwork with the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Snow Foamer. It works pressure washers as low as 500 PSI. So if you have a little electric pressure washer, you can keep up with professional detailers
and their expensive gas-powered pressure washers. Let’s get started. …just need like a… shield. A riot shield for this. So we brought the car in, we finished the
car wash and dried it off, now it’s time to put on a nice coat of wax to help protect the paint
and make it look nice, clean, and shiny. We have some InstaWax, and unlike a normal carnauba
paste wax or cream, this just sprays on. So activate the two-part formula, and mist
it over the paintwork, and just like that, it is waxed! So I’m going to let this sit for a few minutes until it’s dry, then I’ll come in and buff off any residue. So, you can use InstaWax on anything you would
a traditional paste wax on. Anything that’s painted, shiny like chrome, any clear parts like headlight lenses to protect them from turning yellow, and even parts like side window glass and the windshield to repel rain water. I’m going to go ahead and wax up the car, we’ll wait a few minutes and come buff off any residue so the car is ready to hit the road! So you can see we removed the wax from the car, and we have a nice warm wet shine on this beautiful black paint work. So we finished the exterior car wash,
post road trip. We’re going to go ahead and go to the interior
of the car, so stay tuned for part two where we’re going to clean out all the stains,
clean out all the trash, and get rid of that funky B.O. smell! Stay tuned for part two.