Rivkah’s Journey

– So I got to the U.S. 2 1/2 years ago. And I had one thing on my radar, and that was CU-ICAR. I’m the project manager of Deep Orange 5. I do the scheduling, making sure the project gets done on time, when we do what, making sure we stick to the budget. I think dealing with people is one of the lessons I’ve learned and how to consider where
everybody’s coming from. Being able to get people to think, to listen to each other, to collaborate with each other. – In the role of program manager, she’s having to balance a lot of different parameters, metrics, requirements, and make sure the whole
vehicle is coming together. What impressed us was no matter how hard we were, no matter how many questions we asked, she absolutely looked
us straight in the eye, she always said, yes, we will address it. I’ll get back to you on that. She saw it through. So she clearly had great perseverance, a willingness to listen and learn, and would step up to the hard choices when they had to be made. – Deep Orange actually
was a a-ha moment for me. I realized that project
management and systems integration really, I think is my calling and is what I want to do. Design on the computer
is good to visualize, but actually building stuff is amazing. CU-ICAR is that perfect combination between education and industry. A lot of the students
are exposed to working with industry partners as part of their curriculum here at CU-ICAR. And not only from the systems
integration standpoint, that’s what you see behind you, but also in their classes. And that’s something that’s very unique. GM was part of this whole
process in a very big way. And not only were they present at reviews to give us feedback on what we were doing, but they also made trips here and helped mentor students. After Deep Orange, I will be
working with General Motors as an associate architect engineer. And what this is is pretty much my Deep Orange role, but in General Motors. A huge, huge deal for me. From making that transition from education into the professional world, the next chapter of my life. I’m excited. – The person who’s now gonna be her boss, he’s used to getting new college grads in and really having to
start from square one. And she already knew all the answers. So, I think he’s very much looking forward to Rivkah joining his team because he knows she’s gonna
be productive from day one. – I’ve got 18 people who
I know I can count on, who’ve been there over the last two years. What you see behind you
is the result of that. So, I wanted to personally acknowledge each and every member of
the team that I worked with. If you’re crazy about cars and that’s what you want to do, if that’s what you dream about, if those are the posters on your wall, come to Clemson, come to CU-ICAR. That’s the place you should be in designing tomorrow’s cars.