Reverse Driver | Indian Man Drives Car Backwards On Busy Highways

COMM: Harpreet Devi has found a new way of making his driving stand out. He travels everywhere
in reverse. 00:18
HARPREET: I wanted to do something so that’s why I thought of doing something new. Then
I thought of doing something which nobody had seen before so I started reverse driving. 00:31
COMM: Harpeet’s unusual style behind the wheel, has been regular sight on the roads of Bhatinda
in the Indian state of Punjab since 2003. He’s modified his car, a Fiat Padmini so that
it now has four gears for reverse and only one gear going forwards, allowing him to drive
backwards at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour. However the reason he started driving
in reverse in the the first place was out of necessity rather than choice. 01:00
HARPREET: One day I had trouble when I my car wasn’t working properly. It got stuck
in reverse gear. I was outside the city, I had no money, so I thought of driving the
car backwards until Bathinda. Then I drive backwards and later on I gained confidence. 01:24
COMM: After years of reversing he now feels he’s a safer driver going backwards than he
is going forwards and has been granted special permission by the state government to continue
with his unusual style. To ensure safety, he’s fitted an ambulance siren to alert other
drivers and pedestrians to the fact that he’s reversing. Crucially he’s also added headlights
to the rear of his car. And while driving like this has bought him fame, it’s also had
an adverse affect on his health as he now suffers from back and neck problems.