Repairing An Automotive Tire Bead Leak With Sealer

Aluminum wheel refinishing… So you go through here (procedure), and after you get done bead blasting it, Check this out… If the wheel had a machined aluminum finish, spin the wheel and use sand paper in order to restore the circular machined appearance. (laughing) Now that’s precision ladies and gentleman. That is precision. (sarcasm) So ten months after putting out that video on how to repair a bead leak, it decided to show its ugly head again. And I did the same thing as last time. Ground the corrosion, did the bubble test, and all was okay. Six hours later, it was flat again. In actuality, this rim should be replaced because the corrosion goes 2/3 of the way around this rim. And that’s just not good. But if i can apply at least temporarily, a ten dollar fix, to buy me a little bit of time, Then I’ll go ahead and give it a shot, and
we’ll see how that works out. Professional Use Only. Well, since I’m the one using it, I guess that makes me a professional. (laughing) How exactly do we use this bead sealer? Well, I’ll tell ya. The directions on here actually leave me with more questions than answers. Am I supposed to let this stuff cure before I remount the tire? I don’t know So I went ahead and did in my own testing. This stuff is actually a rubber It’s a really tacky rubber. This has been on here for over twenty four
hours and it is still tacky. But here’s the thing If I put this stuff on and let it cure. And then I go to seat the bead, the tire bead will rub it off. So there is no point in doing it like that. But if we apply soap to it after it has cured, Then it won’t come off as the tire slips right over it. And once the soap dries, the tackiness comes right back. So that’s the plan we are going with. So let’s get to it! Alright, so I put three coats on here. And I did put it all the way around the rim so it’s uniform. I don’t know if it is going to work, but uh… we are about to find out. I decided to change things up a little bit. I’m gonna give the bad part of the rim this smooth bead here. Hopefully that will give it a better chance to seal. Shit! You’ve got to be kidding me! (Laughing) April fools!!! It takes more a tire to piss me off like that. But really though, the gouge that is in that tire does not go all the way through, but it’s not safe to put it back in service. Doesn’t matter. New day and a new tire. This tire actually tells me which way to mount it, so I’m going to mark it so I know which way to put it. So after giving both beads their fair share of soap, I put the wheel in between the 2×4’s. Which are only there as a precaution to
make sure the tire does not contact the sealer just yet. This is virgin rubber, so I might miss this twenty pounds that I lost over the past few months. Remember to use the drop center. Oh yeah, no problem. And again we get to use our bead holder. Now it is time for the leak test. Looking good. Next video… Bubble balancing. So stay tuned for that. Come on, a little bit more excitement than that. That’s not fake, is it? (giggles) That’s gonna look so obvious that it’s not funny, Yeah it is! Whatever!