Renesas Automotive @ CES 2018 Highlights

My name’s John Buszek. I manage the Autonomous Driving Systems team at Renesas and this is a vehicle we put together so you
can better understand autonomous driving… to help us make the best autonomous
driving processors, for our customers. This vehicle has nine cameras – all are being processed by Renesas processors also we have a scanning Lidar and high-definition map, also a differential GPS system. Cadillacs are really our ADAS specific
development vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with many different sensors,
so these vehicles are actually equipped with ten different cameras: there’s three
roof-mounted cameras, two forward-facing cameras, a driver monitor camera and
then four surround-view cameras, as well. Important thing to think about is – this
surround-view application is being run entirely off our Renesas R-Car V3M, so
all of this is actually done without the use of a GPU. It’s all done on hardware
acceleration on our own peripherals. We can actually claim and say with
confidence that this is the lowest cost lowest power 4-camera surround-view
system on the market today! The Renesas Connected Cockpit vehicle
showcases the power of the Renesas R-Car H3 SoC as well as the development capabilities of the Automotive Systems team within Renesas. Creation of the Renesas Connected Cockpit vehicle allows us to better support our customers
and further solidify our stance as THE automotive SoC partner.