Recruiting the Next Generation of Dealer Staff | Keith Pretty | Automotive Digest

there are many great reasons to go with
the automotive business today getting the next generation interested
remains a chance will only help um in making sure that young people know what i understand what
great jobs there are in this industry and the n_ a t_ a study and work force
that’s just been completed is going to be very helpful to that
effort they’re great jobs in this industry jobs
that pay above industry average and that’s across the
entire country in each of the nine or so different regions that were looked at in
n eighty a work force any uh… we need to get that message out we need to help
of auto dealers and manufacturers and for that matter anybody else who who
cares about this great industry in this country in recruiting the best in the
brightest to this field uh… it’s a dynamic field that’s changing
dramatically it’s a very entrepreneurial fields and opportunity where you can
grow or you can literally stay the same in many cases in smaller
markets uh… but you’ll find new and different
challenges everyday in the workplace and so we need to convey that message to to
students come we have found over the last few years there’s a lot of great
students that love working in the auto industry but i have to tell you during economic
downturn few years ago many of their parents did not want them to go into our
automotive marketing programs and we had to convince the parents more
than the student that there was great career
opportunities going forward uh… and that has proven in our case to certainly be the the truth because many if not most of our students
graduate with multiple job offers so they can they can pick and choose what
region of the country they’d like to go in model of of auto dealership they’d like
to work in b_ that large small corporate uh… in old single point franchise uh… there are great opportunities in
this industry but it takes the current leaders in the industry including an
a_t_a_ in the dealers themselves to help in courage young people to see those
opportunities fun