RC – Paint Lexan Farbe // rc-car-online.de

RC-Paint is a high quality paint for polycarbonate
body shells; available in 33 different vibrant colors under the brand name “RC-Paint” in
our online shop. A can contains 150ml of paint and lasts for
about one 1/8 scale or up to two 1/10 scale body shells, depending on the coverage. For
a 1/5 or 1/6 you will need two to three cans, again depending on the coverage. The ultra-fine
spray mist provides optimal coverage and is widely environmentally sustainable. During the production of the RC-Paint emphasis
was put on the lowest possible heavy-metal content and the best possible environmental
compatibility of solvent and the propellant gas. Therefore the RC-Paint is manufactured
very environment-friendly. Optimizing the environmental compatibility
came with a little trade-off: you need a little more paint than with traditional polycarbonate
paints. For this reason, the content of the RC-Paint can is increased 50% to 150 ml. It would be best to warm up the can to about
40° – 45° C before application to slightly raise the pressure inside the can. This will
achieve a smoother and more economical spray coat. Paint application at room temperature
is also possible, of course.